Best Extension Leads

Best Extension Leads

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Extension leads are an essential piece of kit for most of us, especially when your home is short on plug sockets. They are also handy for devices such as lamps that won’t always reach the nearest electrical outlet. Here is our selection of extension leads for short cables. Pick one up to power your appliances or charge your gadgets in a location that works best for you.

How We Compared Extension Leads

To find the right extension leads, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Length
  • Sockets
  • Safety Features
  • Design

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

Extension Lead Reviews

Jsver PS3037 (Editor’s Choice)

This is our favourite extension lead for all of your short cables. It has a good two-metre cord length, plenty of in-built safety features and even a surge protector. Thanks to its slim rectangular form, this is a suitable choice for tight spaces. 

Whether you need an extension lead for your home office or your living room, this model makes a great option. Three AC outlets and four USB ports mean you can charge up all of your gadgets without losing power to your appliances. 

The Jsver PS3037 extension lead also benefits from a 350-joule power surge protection to help shield your electronic devices. The main power switch allows you to turn it off when it’s not required to save energy. Plus, the built-in sliding safety covers help to protect inquisitive children and pets. This model also has overvoltage, overcurrent, overload, poor contact and short circuit protection. Secure and reliable, this model is by far the best overall choice.


  • 2m length
  • 3 outlets & 4 USB ports
  • 350-joule surge protector
  • Power switch
  • Safety covers


  • The power indicator could be more visible
  • It may be less suitable for bedroom use

Nveeshox Power Station (Luxury Choice)

Our luxury choice is perfect for large numbers of gadgets and appliances, with its impressive 12 AC outlets. It also has four intelligent USB ports, making this handy power station tower an excellent pick for living rooms and offices. 

The Nveeshox Power Station has a long five-metre cord giving you more placement options. It also benefits from a master power switch situated at the top of the unit. This allows you to quickly and easily turn off the power to all of your plugged-in appliances with one touch. 

This power tower extension lead is a durable, high-quality product made from sturdy, fire-retardant ABS. It also benefits from short circuit protection, surge, overload and overvoltage protection. To defend your sensitive electronic gadgets, this model features intelligent USB ports. They automatically detect your devices, delivering optimal charging power levels up to 2.4A per port.


  • 5m cord length
  • 12 AC outlets & 4 USB ports
  • Short circuit protection
  • Master on/off switch
  • Fire-retardant ABS construction


  • This product may be too bulky for some users
  • It could be difficult to see if it’s on or off

Masterplug BFG5-MP (Best Value)

Are you just looking for a basic extension lead? This best-value, no-frills product is ideal to have in, as well as being a good basic model for any room in your home.

Thanks to its five-metre power cable, the Masterplug BFG5-MP gives you a good range of placement options, making it easier to connect your appliances. It has four AC outlets with safety shutters to protect against electrocution. 

With its slimline, curved-edge design, this extension lead can be used in places where you’re short on space. Moreover, it can also be wall-mounted for extra ease of use. This basic five-metre option, complete with a 13-Amp fuse to prevent accidental overload, is of excellent value. It is definitely well worth having as a backup or for regular use.


  • 5m cord length
  • 4 AC outlets 
  • Can be wall mounted
  • Slimline curved design 
  • Safety shuttered sockets


  • It may be less suitable if you need a power switch
  • The lack of USB ports may put some users off 

Pro Elec PL15353 (Best Long Length)

If you need an extra-long extension lead, this is the one to go for. Thanks to its 10-metre long power cord, this is a great model if your home power sockets are few and far between. 

This Pro Elec extension lead has four generously spaced AC outlets, so you can even plug in four appliances with bulky plugs. Each outlet has its own power switch, making it easy to save energy and improve safety. The best feature of this product is its superior surge protection, which is essential for defending your sensitive electronic devices.

This unit benefits from an LED surge indicator and an ultra-rapid 50 nano-second surge protection response time. It is also wall-mountable to save you floor space and your back leaning over to plug and unplug. All in all, if you need a long extension lead, this model is one of the very best ones available.


  • Extra-long 10m extension lead
  • 4 AC outlets
  • Individual power switches 
  • Surge protection with LED surge indicator 
  • Wall mountable


  • It could be improved with power switch lights
  • The quality control could be better

Addtam PS-UK23C (Best for Versatility)

This highly versatile extension lead makes an excellent choice for charging up your gadgets overnight or when travelling. Use this model at home, university or when visiting friends and family to keep all your essential devices powered up and ready for use. 

The braided power cord is highly resistant and ensures a long product lifespan. Plus, at 1.8m long, it’s an ideal length for plugging in beside your bed, on your desk or just about anywhere. Thanks to its lightweight and compact design, it won’t weigh you down when you’re out. 

Aside from two well-spaced AC outlets, this extension lead from Addtam also has four USB ports. All support auto-detect smart USB charging to give you the best speed for your devices. With three standard USB ports and one ultra-rapid USB C port, you’ll be able to charge up your tablet, smartphone and headphones in next to no time. 


  • 1.8m braided extension cord
  • 2 AC outlets & 4 USB ports
  • Compact & lightweight design
  • Auto-detect smart USB charging 
  • USB C port for ultra-rapid charge times 


  • It may be less suitable for wall mounting
  • The power cord could be too stiff for some placements

JSVER Cube Extension Lead (Best Portable)

Do you need to keep your devices charged up when you’re away from home? Check out our best portable choice, with its compact and durable design. This extension lead has a 1.5m power lead and three AC outlets – ideal for hotel rooms with just one bedside socket. Plus, you also get three USB ports for all of your gadgets. 

The switch with indicator light lets you know at a glance that your extension is powered up. Thanks to its high-speed device charging, you won’t have to worry about your devices taking hours and hours to charge. 

This model also has built-in surge protection for your sensitive electronics. Measuring just 65mm by 65mm by 68mm, if you regularly travel for business or pleasure, the Jsver Cube Extension Lead is definitely well worth packing.


  • Surge protection 
  • 3 AC outlets & 3 USB ports
  • Power switch with indicator light
  • High-speed device charging
  • Compact & durable design 


  • It may topple over with one plug inserted
  • The cable may be too short for some users

Addtam Extension Lead With USB Ports (Best Childproof)

If you have young children at home, you’ll want to choose an extension lead that is in line with current regulations. This model features safety shuttered sockets that will prevent children from accessing the internal components. 

Thanks to its 1.8m power cord, you’ll have ample placement options. In addition, its four AC outlets and four USB ports make charging up all of your favourite devices extra easy. Another highlight of this Addtam extension lead is its inbuilt 1050 joule surge protection to help guard your devices. 

Individual outlet power switches allow you to easily turn off any of your appliances, which is more convenient and safer than reaching over to your wall plug. This childproof extension lead also benefits from a braided power cord. Its many safety protections ensure that it is both secure and reliable.


  • 1.8m extension cord
  • 4 AC outlets & 4 USB ports
  • Independent outlet power switches
  • Safety shuttered sockets 
  • 1050J surge protection


  • It may be more difficult than others to wall mount 
  • This model could be unsuitable for successive smart plugs

How to Choose an Extension Lead

Wondering which extension lead should you go for? Here are the essential features you’ll want to consider.


It is important to choose an extension lead with the correct length for your needs. Too short and it won’t reach; too long, and it could become a hazard. Many options are available from 1.5m up to 10m.

If your extension lead is not long enough, you may be wondering if you can just use two. Doing so may overload your wall socket, which could cause overheating and an increased risk of fire. That’s why picking an extension lead with the right length for your needs is crucial. 


Similarly, you should ensure that your extension lead has enough sockets for your appliances. Options are available with 2-12 AC sockets. Think about your needs and consider whether or not socket switches are important for you.

As electronic gadgets are indispensable for our everyday lives, we’ve included many models with USB sockets. These are really useful, allowing you to recharge your devices using just their USB cable, and they are also great space savers as you don’t need a load of bulky plugs. 

Safety Features

Extension leads should have numerous safety features to ensure that your home is protected. Here are some of the essential ones you’ll want to look out for:

  • Overheating protection
  • Safety shutters
  • Surge protection
  • Overload protection
  • Short circuit protection


There is a wide range of designs, so you should find the most suitable extension lead for your requirements. Some models are compact cube designs, while others are slimline and rectangular. Consider where you will be using yours and whether or not you will be travelling with it.

You may want to pick up a model from our selection with some of these additional design features:

  • Individual socket switches
  • Power indicator lights
  • High-speed charging ports
  • Wall-mountable housing
  • Braided power cord


Our Editor’s Choice, the Jsver PS3037 Extension Cord, is by far the best extension lead for short cables on the market. It has a good two-metre power cord length for varied placement options and a built-in surge protector. Thanks to its slim rectangle design, it is sure to fit into most spaces with ease. Complete with three AC outlets and four USB ports, this extension power lead is a highly practical choice. It is also very secure, thanks to its numerous safety features.

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