Best Electric Fires

Best Electric Fires

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

There are many ways to keep your house warm, and not everyone has the luxury of a real fireplace in their living room. An electric fire is a fantastic alternative if you want an additional heat source. These units use heating elements to provide warmth and are much easier and quicker to operate than traditional coal or wood models. Additionally, these portable devices can be positioned in any room, provided you have a free socket. This makes them incredibly convenient and great for giving you warmth exactly where you need it. Are you looking for such a product? Your search is over – we have found seven fantastic models in the below guide.

How We Compared Electric Fires

To find the right electric fires, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Size
  • Style
  • Usability
  • Heat Output

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

Electric Fire Reviews

Warmlite WL46017 (Editor’s Choice)

The panoramic viewing window of this model makes this device a centrepiece as much as a means of providing heat. It looks fantastic and has a classical black casing like a traditional cast-iron log burner or stove.

The Warmlite WL46017 offers a powerful output of 1800W, but it includes an adjustable thermostat too. Moreover, the LED flame effects have varying brightness levels, so you can create different modes in your home.

The security features give you peace of mind too. For example, it has built-in overheat protection for improved electrical safety. Furthermore, the freestanding design on four legs and ample power cord allows you to use it in multiple locations easily. A removable panel on the front reveals the various adjustment dials and the power switch.


  • Powerful 1.8KW heat output 
  • It has built-in overheating protection
  • Adjustable brightness of the LED flame effects
  • It also has a variable thermostat for complete control
  • Large panoramic window for pleasant viewing


  • It may be quite loud during the operation
  • The brand logo could detract from the overall look

Endeavour Fires Runswick (Luxury Choice)

If you prefer a more modern design, this product looks incredible with its large chunky top and bottom frame, bold screen, and ample flame effects. The plinth is made from robust MDF and finished in a white layer, giving it a contemporary appearance.

The Endeavour Fires Runswick has a remote control and multiple settings. These include a 7-day programmer, a room temperature sensor, open window detection, and adaptive start controls. Essentially, you can easily adjust it precisely as you want.

Furthermore, there are 13 different colour settings to pick to create different moods, and the flames have five brightness levels. For a versatile installation, the power cord is 1.7m long, and all you need to do is plug it in and turn it on.


  • It can be controlled via a remote control
  • Programming function to set a schedule
  • Decent mains cable length of 1.7m
  • The flames have five different brightness levels
  • Stylish contemporary design


  • Some customers may have reported damaged items on delivery
  • The remote could be complicated to use

VonHaus 1850W (Best Value)

The classic design of this small electric fireplace could fit with many room styles and provides a touch of elegance and history to your home. It has a large semi-circular viewing window with hinges and an ornate handle too.

For temperature control, the VonHaus Electric Stove Heater has two settings of 925W and 1850W. This allows you to use the device exactly as you want and get optimum comfort levels. Thanks to the vivid flame effect and log-burner wood style, it also adds charm to your room.

We like the portability of this unit too. It is freestanding and has a decent-length power cable that you can neatly tuck behind. If you want to change the temperature, it comes with an adjustable thermostat that is easy to use.


  • It can be set at 925W or 1850W
  • Beautiful realistic flame effect
  • It includes a thermal cut-off device for safety
  • Classic design to sit on a fireplace
  • Compact and portable design


  • The door handle could be flimsy
  • Some customers may have reported faulty units

NETTA Fireplace Stove Heater (Best for Portability)

The smaller compact design of this fireplace makes it ideal if you want to try it in different rooms or move it to provide heat around your home. It is freestanding on four legs and can therefore be used anywhere as long as you have a power socket available.

The NETTA Electric Fireplace has a traditional feel and looks like an old cast-iron unit. There is a charming front grate, a large viewing window, and various stylish patterns and borders around the edges. This is complemented by the brilliant LED flames and the fake wood.

The unit has the option to be eco-friendly, too, with two power settings of 1000W and 1950W. To ensure maximum safety, it includes a built-in thermal cut-off device to prevent overheating or damage from any electrical faults.


  • Freestanding design to be used anywhere
  • It has a built-in thermal cut-off device
  • Two different heat settings of 1000W and 1950W
  • Stylish traditional cast iron effect casing
  • Realistic flame effect


  • Some customers may have found scratched casings
  • The feet could be difficult to attach

Endeavour Fires Roxby (Best for Realism)

If you want a realistic fireplace that can be installed within a mantle recess, the rectangular design of this model is perfect. It could easily fit inside a fireplace hole of various sizes and sit flush against the walls. Moreover, due to the simple black finish, it would work with any type of room decor.

The Endeavour Fires Roxby has a great LED flame effect that looks incredibly realistic. Moreover, the coals underneath are brilliant, too and give it a welcoming appeal. For power, it has a maximum setting of 2000W but can be toggled as low as 1000W.

The remote control included makes operating the electric fire simple. It allows you to switch between different modes, use the timer function, and change the mood light settings. The unit comes with a long power cable of 1.7m.


  • Remote control for easy operation
  • You can set 7-day programs for efficient use
  • Superb LED flame effect
  • The output can be set between 1KW to 2KW
  • Stylish design with an all-black finish


  • The coals could look a little unrealistic
  • Some customers may have found cosmetic defects

M.C.Haus Touch Screen (Best Modern)

The multiple fire colours of this device give it a brilliant twist, and you can create different ambiences in your home. The hues include various shades like purple, blue, green, and light blue. You can easily change these and other settings with the remote control.

Additionally, the M.C.Haus Electric Fireplace remote allows you to set numerous functions. For example, you can change the room temperature and set a timer between 1 to 8 hours. It also has a touchscreen control panel on the front.

The fireplace looks fantastic and has a sleek, modern black casing that allows it to be installed freestanding or wall-mounted. Moreover, it boasts a high power output for efficient heating of up to 1800W. The overheat protection safety feature is also vital and gives peace of mind.


  • The fire can be changed to multiple colours
  • It includes a simple remote control
  • Improved energy-saving design with LEDs
  • It can be installed either recessed or freestanding
  • Various timer and output settings


  • The temp controls could be a little fiddly
  • Some customers may have reported a missing remote

Russell Hobbs RHEFSTV2003B (Best for Ease of Use)

This is a superb model if you want a simple electric fire that offers basic functionality. It is essentially a plug-and-play unit – plug it in, turn it on, and it’s ready to go. It also has a thermostat control so you can change the temperature. 

The Russell Hobbs RHEFSTV2003B comes with two power settings – 950W or 1850W, giving you excellent versatility to deal with different room temperatures. The unit can heat the equivalent of a 30m² room size.

In terms of looks, this is a traditional electric fire, and the cast-iron effect casing gives it a vintage style. It has a large viewing door and a brilliant LED flame effect over the coals. It also can easily be transported into different rooms due to the freestanding design.


  • Freestanding design to install anywhere
  • Two heat settings and a variable thermostat
  • It includes overheating protection
  • Fantastic LED flame effect
  • Traditional cast-effect casing


  • It could be a little noisy when switched on
  • Some customers may have reported faulty thermostats

How to Choose an Electric Fire

Hundreds of different electric fires are available on the market, ranging from traditional cast-iron effect models to sleek modern designs with touchscreen panels. This makes choosing a suitable product tricky – where do you start? First, think about where you want to use it and the space you have. Next, check the four considerations listed below in our buying guide for more inspiration.


Before even looking at designs and usability, you should get the size right. First, check the space where you want to install your electric fire. We advise measuring the area; this way, you will know exactly how much room you have. For example, you may want to install the device within a hearth.

You can then consider the overall dimensions of each fireplace and select one with a great design, but that also fits nicely. For example, some smaller items may look out of place in a larger hearth.


The style is possibly the next most important consideration. These devices come in many different shapes, sizes, and colours. However, there are generally two main categories – modern and traditional.

Modern electric fireplaces typically have a flat panel design with a large glass front screen and a simple single-colour frame. In contrast, traditional devices look like old coal fires from bygone eras. Think about what type you would like, and then choose one that matches your room theme and decor.


Next, how easy is the electric fire to use? In most instances, you simply switch the plug on, press the power button, and the device warms up. However, some have advanced functionality. 

For example, many boast a thermostat that lets you change the temperature. Others may even have a timer function, so you can set the device to turn on at specific times. Consider how you intend to use it and if any features like these would be beneficial.

Heat Output

Lastly, how effective is the fireplace and what is its heat output? Usually, you can gauge this based on the KW or W rating of the device. For example, a 1900W is relatively powerful and at the higher end of the spectrum. Typically, a higher KW or W number means the product has a better maximum output.

Many units also have multiple heat settings – this is something to keep in mind, too, as it offers greater flexibility for temperature control in your home.


The Warmlite WL46017 Electric Fire is our top pick – it looks fantastic like a traditional coal unit, has superb heating performance, and is easy to operate. With a powerful 1.8KW output, this device can quickly heat an entire room, and it also has an adjustable thermostat to give you complete control. We also like that you can change the brightness of the realistic LED flames. Moreover, the panoramic design and large viewing window make this product pleasant to use. Lastly, it has some brilliant safety features, such as built-in overheating protection.

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