Best Dehumidifiers

Best Dehumidifiers

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Dehumidifiers help remove moisture from the air to minimise dampness and mould. They can also make a significant difference to your overall air quality. Moreover, some of these devices have special functions for minimal energy consumption. With so many options, it’s difficult to know where to begin. That’s why we’ve put together this convenient list to guide you.

How We Compared Dehumidifiers

To find the right dehumidifiers, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Moisture removal capabilities
  • Access and controls
  • Features
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Design

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

Dehumidifier Reviews

Inventor EVA ION PRO (Editor’s Choice)

If you want to eliminate excess moisture in your home without using too much energy, this could be the product for you. This intelligent humidifier can remove up to 20 litres of water from the atmosphere each day. The low energy consumption model also ensures you can minimise environmental impact.

The Inventor EVA ION PRO comes with a fantastic remote control application. You can connect to your device via Wi-Fi and turn the power on or off. There’s even the freedom to adjust your humidity percentage between 35% – 85%. It has a range of great features, including ‘Clothes Drying Mode’ and ‘Intelligent Dehumidification’. You can also take advantage of its three fan speeds.

If you’re concerned about the noise of your dehumidifier keeping you awake, you can easily use the silent mode. There’s also an automatic restart in the case of a power loss. With up to 70 metres of coverage, this product is ideal for larger spaces.


  • Great for large homes and rooms
  • Continuous dehumidification and three fan speeds
  • Wi-Fi for remote access
  • 20 litres per day of moisture removal with low energy use
  • Special mode for drying clothes faster


  • This product might be a little noisy, even in silent mode
  • The water tank could fill up quite quickly

Meaco 20L Low Energy (Luxury Choice)

Dehumidifiers can be excellent for improving the air quality in your home. This environmentally friendly model comes with a built-in HEPA filter. It ensures you can remove more of the unwanted particles in the air, along with extra moisture.

With the Meaco dehumidifier, you can remove up to 20 litres of moisture from your home each day. At this capacity, it can deal with mould, condensation, and dampness in various medium to large spaces. The specially designed climate control features are excellent for boosting air quality. It has a 2-in-1 mode for year-round performance. You can also set up a laundry mode to help clothes dry faster. Its 24-timer and variable humidistat help you set your ideal humidity levels too.

With low-energy technology, this model will help you keep your electricity levels to a minimum. The system automatically switches to fan-only mode once it achieves your humidity levels. It also tests the air every 30 minutes to determine whether to turn it back on.


  • 2-in-1 dehumidifier and air purifier
  • Removes up to 20l of moisture
  • HEPA filter included
  • Intelligent design to reduce energy use
  • Digital display with easy controls


  • It might be a little too noisy for some homeowners
  • This model may not have multiple fan options to choose from

Pro Breeze Portable (Best Value)

If your idea of the perfect dehumidifier is something simple, compact, and reliable, this could be the product for you. Easy to use, this lightweight dehumidifier removes dampness, mould, and moisture from various areas around the home in no time. 

The Pro Breeze is particularly effective for smaller spaces, as it extracts up to 250ml of water per day with a 500ml tank capacity. Efficient and quiet, this device uses thermoelectric technology to minimise the need for compressor tools. 

Not only is it less distracting than other dehumidifiers, but it is also very eco-friendly and energy-efficient. Moreover, the auto shut-off mode ensures you don’t have to worry about the tank overflowing when it collects too much water. This dehumidifier simultaneously removes water and contaminants from the air like dust mites for more comfort at home. It’s also straightforward to empty between uses.


  • Easy to use with manual dial
  • Up to 500ml of water capacity
  • Quiet thanks to unique technology
  • Eco-friendly design
  • Helps to reduce allergy symptoms


  • It may not remove as much moisture as other devices
  • This model might be difficult to clean

EcoAir DD1 Simple (Best Small)

If you’re concerned about the air quality in your home, a great dehumidifier could make a big difference. This high-efficiency model comes in a number of colours to suit your room décor. It’s also surprisingly powerful for such a compact product.

The anti-bacterial silver filter in the EcoAir is one of its most impressive features. It helps to kill bacteria on impact to keep your air fresh. The lightweight design also makes the model easy to move around the home. There’s even a carry handle so you can transport the device quickly. With an in-built laundry mode, you can also dry clothing faster.

This product comes with an economy mode for energy-saving needs, and the quiet operation emits only around 34 decibels of sound. A simple rotary dial also means you don’t have to spend long learning to use the product. With this dehumidifier, you can extract up to 7 litres of water per day from the atmosphere.


  • Compact design for smaller spaces
  • Anti-bacterial silver filter for air quality
  • Easy-to-use rotary control dial
  • Lightweight design with handle
  • Economy mode and laundry mode are available


  • It might be problematic for a bedroom due to its bright lights
  • The water collection tank may be too small for some

Meaco MeacoDry ABC (Best Design)

Loud noises from your dehumidifier can make the product difficult to use in a bedroom or living room. Fortunately, this almost silent model can offer an alternative. The quiet compressor dehumidifier keeps sound levels underneath 40 decibels.

Compact but powerful, this Meaco MeacoDry ABC dehumidifier can remove up to 10 litres of water from the atmosphere. There are simple controls with a digital display to show your current room humidity level. There’s also a child lock to prevent settings from being tampered with. Quiet and convenient, this humidifier saves energy with optimum power usage. It even comes in various colours, so you can find something to match your home décor.

With specialist features like one-button settings for laundry drying, this product can serve a range of use cases. There’s also an auto-off setting for when the water tank fills up. You can even set up automatic defrosting for the winter.


  • Quiet performance under 40 decibels
  • Energy-saving performance
  • Removes up to 10 litres of water per day
  • Easy to use with a convenient digital screen
  • Automatic defrost and auto-off features


  • It might be too heavy to move around easily
  • The cable might be too short for some rooms

Pro Breeze 12L (Best Energy Efficient)

Removing moisture without wasting energy is a top priority for many homeowners. This powerful dehumidifier can remove up to 12 litres of water per day. What’s more, it works efficiently, with a fantastic compressor and energy-saving shut-off system.

This dehumidifier from Pro Breeze is designed to be as compact as possible and will fit nicely into a range of rooms. It is ideal for tackling mould, dampness, condensation, and moisture in homes. There’s an automatic humidity sensor, so you can set the levels in your room to your precise needs. Plus, the digital display makes it easy to adjust your programmes at any time. There are three operation modes to choose from: sleep, auto, and continuous options.

The large 2-litre water tank ensures you don’t have to empty your dehumidifier too often. Thanks to innovative compressor technology, you can enjoy less noise when using your device. The machine operates at under 38 decibels.


  • Low energy consumption with automatic shut-off
  • Compact size to fit easily into a range of spaces
  • Automatic humidity sensor
  • Digital LED panels with easy controls
  • Large 2-litre water tank


  • It might make too much noise to use in a bedroom
  • The buttons on the control pad may sometimes be less responsive

Inventor Fresh R290 (Best for Ease of Use)

If you’re worried about learning how to use a dehumidifier for the first time, this could be the product for you. You can choose your mode in seconds with a simple digital control panel. You’ll have complete control over your humidity level, with options between 35% – 85%.

This Inventor Fresh dehumidifier is lightweight, versatile, and compact enough for smaller spaces. Despite its size, it can remove up to 12 litres of moisture from your home per day. The modern design also features low energy consumption. There’s a range of modes to choose from in the control panel too.

You can switch between silent mode or continuous dehumidification. There’s an automatic restart feature in case of a power outage. This model also has an auto defrost function for unpredictable weather. You’ll even get an alert when the water tank is full, so you know when you need to clean it out.


  • Up to 12 litres of water removal a day
  • Modern design with low energy consumption
  • Digital control panel with excellent ease of use
  • Automatic defrost and auto restart
  • 24-hour timer and continuous performance modes


  • The silent mode might still be quite loud for some rooms
  • It might not work well in very cold conditions

How to Choose a Dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers can significantly improve your quality of life and comfort at home. Capable of removing moisture and bacteria from the air, many of these models can help users to breathe easier. Plus, they’re great for cutting down on issues like mould and condensation.

With so many models to choose from in today’s market, it can be difficult to determine which dehumidifier is best for you. We’ve listed some of the points you might want to consider when making your decision.

Moisture Removal Capabilities

The primary purpose of a dehumidifier is to remove excess moisture in the air. The best products can eliminate 20 litres of water or more in a single day. However, it’s worth keeping an eye on the size of the water tank. A small tank means you’ll need to drain your dehumidifier more often.

You might also want to consider how much control you have over humidity levels. Some products will allow you to choose a humidity level between 35% to 85%.

Access and Controls

Anything that’s great for your home needs to be effortless to use. A good dehumidifier should make tracking your humidity levels and changing programs easier. 

Usually, units will come with digital touch screen displays or manual controls. You can also find smart dehumidifiers on the market. These include remote-control apps so you can adjust humidity levels from anywhere.


Aside from reducing moisture, many dehumidifiers come with extra features to improve the comfort of your home. Some will be able to cut down on bacteria and unwanted contaminants in the air to give you better overall health.

It’s also worth looking for features like laundry drying modes. These can help you collect moisture from clothing faster when drying items indoors.

Energy Efficiency

Good energy-efficiency levels will help you control your regular electricity use. Many dehumidifiers today come with eco-friendly modes. They may also have an auto switch-off function, which stops the device from working when you reach the right humidity level. However, ensure that energy efficiency doesn’t come at the expense of performance.


The design of your dehumidifier refers not just to how the device looks. You’ll need to think about its dimensions and whether it will fit well in your chosen room. You may also have to consider how easy it is to move your dehumidifier around.

When looking at the design, think about the sound levels of the product too. A loud dehumidifier can be difficult to use in a living room or bedroom. Some models will allow you to switch between silent modes and high-performance programmes.


Our pick for the best dehumidifier is the Inventor EVA ION PRO. This powerful machine can remove up to 20 litres of water from your home each day. Low energy consumption keeps electricity usage to a minimum, and there’s even an app for remote control. As an added benefit, you’ll get access to various modes, including a ‘Clothes Drying’ feature.

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