Best Cushions

Best Cushions

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Decorative pillows provide a finishing touch to your home’s design aesthetic and increase comfort in various places. They can be used on couches, chairs, outdoor benches, and more. If you already have covers or want to replace the inside of your existing pads, you can easily and quickly switch out the stuffing with basic inserts. This article examines top picks on the market and explores critical traits to help you select the best cushions for your stylistic needs. Once you know what choices are available, you can update and refresh your decor to achieve plump support.

How We Compared Cushions

To find the right cushions, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Size
  • Filling
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Ease of Care

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

Cushion Reviews

Utopia Bedding (Editor’s Choice)

This outstanding product comes as a pair. These pillow inserts are cosy and soft, and you can use them in various places and settings based on your needs. 

Utopia Bedding Cushions contain premium quality fibre filling. The polyester material facilitates a quick rebound after pressure is applied. For a finishing touch, precise stitching creates an elegant look and shape overall. When a cover is placed over the top, you can enjoy a plump and comfortable configuration. 

This pick is available in a wide selection of sizes, providing you with a level of customisation. To fluff and refresh these pads, you can tumble dry them on low heat.


  • Premium quality polyester fibre filling 
  • Perfect stitching for an elegant look
  • They can be tumble dried on low to refresh
  • Cosy and plump for a soft feel
  • Conveniently available in a multitude of sizes


  • They may be a bit trickier to clean
  • This option might be smaller than advertised
  • The shape could flatten over time

Lancashire Textiles (Luxury Choice)

This product makes a great pick if you are looking to replace several new pillows in your home. These inserts come in a pack of eight, and their elevated quality is durable, providing you with years of comfort.

Lancashire Textiles Cushions are constructed using premium materials and establish firm, comfortable support. They are generously packed with ethically sourced duck feather filling, giving them a plush structure. Each pad features a pure cambric cotton cover with a tighter weave than standard to ensure the stuffing does not unintentionally poke through.

To maintain these products’ smooth and soft feel, you can simply machine wash and tumble dry them as needed. You can also sponge clean them to tackle spots. Available in various sizes and quantities, you can easily customise this selection to your needs and space. 


  • The elevated quality and materials give you extended durability
  • Various quantities and size selections
  • A tight weave cambric cotton cover prevents leakage
  • Ethically sourced duck feather filling
  • Machine washable and tumble dryer approved


  • They may be a bit thinner than expected
  • You might want to clean them upon arrival to diminish their smell
  • This pick could make a slight rustling noise

C Stores (Best Value)

This pack of four pillow inserts features an anti-allergy design making them suitable for any home. They are resilient and do a fantastic job retaining their shape.

C Stores Cushions are stuffed with 100% hollow fibre filling. They bring you a soft, comfortable feel that quickly bounces back to its original form. 

You can easily customise this selection’s dimensions because it is available in eleven different sizes. This provides you with versatility and means they are suitable for use in any place you like. 


  • Soft and comfortable feel
  • They make an excellent choice for allergy sufferers
  • Plush 100% hollow fibre filling
  • The expansive size selection adds versatility
  • The stuffing easily returns to its original shape after use


  • They might be smaller than expected
  • Lumps may develop faster than anticipated
  • This pick could have less stuffing than other options

SYSN (Best for Durability)

This selection is made from quality materials to establish a long-lasting lifespan. It comes in a pack of four and has a plush look and feel that complements your existing furniture perfectly. 

SYSN Cushions contain a generous amount of virgin fibre filling. The stuffing ensures the pillow inserts will continue to bounce back and be comfortable over time. The covers on these products feature added UV protection to resist fading. As a result, they make an excellent choice for use outdoors or anywhere they may be susceptible to direct sunlight. 

These pads measure 45cm x 45cm. You can use them to maintain posture and find relaxation for your back and neck. You can spot clean or hand wash the fabric to keep them fresh. 


  • Added UV protection to resist fading
  • Generously stuffed with virgin fibre filling 
  • Long-lasting quality and build
  • Designed to bounce back to the original form consistently
  • Great for maintaining posture while relaxing


  • It may not be available in various sizes
  • You might want to put them in the dryer to achieve complete fluffiness
  • The covering could be somewhat thinner than expected

Iyan Soft Furnishing (Best for a Plush Feel)

These fat pads are generously filled, creating a medium-firm density and a supportive yet comfortable feel. They come in a pack of four, making them ideal for a sofa or various locations throughout your home. 

Iyan Soft Furnishing Cushions are stuffed with virgin polyester hollow fibre filling. They are hypoallergenic, soft, and breathable. These durable products retain their shape well thanks to the material quickly bouncing back after weight is removed. 

When it comes time for cleaning, you can sponge down the surface of these pillow inserts. They measure 45cm x 45cm, a great all-purpose size.


  • Virgin polyester hollow fibre filling 
  • Soft and comfortable medium-firm feel
  • Durable, hypoallergenic materials
  • Bounces back to retain shape
  • Generously filled for a plumpness 


  • This pick may only be available in one size
  • They might not be the easiest option to deep clean
  • The covers could be thinner when compared to other products

YUXINJIE (Best Easy Care)

This selection is constructed using premium materials for a top-quality feel and a high-class aesthetic. They are simple to clean and come as a set of two.

YUXINJIE Cushions are filled with 95% duck feathers and 5% down. The stuffing is fluffy, durable, and retains its shape exceptionally well. These pillow inserts have a 100% cotton cover designed to prevent the innards from accidentally poking through and leaking. 

Each pad measures 26 x 26 inches and is ideal for various locations. They are machine washable and can be tumble dried on low. 


  • Premium feather and down filling
  • 100% cotton cover prevents accidental leakage
  • Durable construction and materials
  • They retain shape and fluffiness very well
  • Simply machine wash and tumble dry to keep fresh


  • The size of this product may be smaller than expected
  • They might take hours to expand fully once unpacked
  • A possible odour upon arrival could make you want to clean them before use

Rohi (Best for Size Range)

Due to the nine different size options, this set of four pillow inserts is highly versatile. You will find the dimensions you desire regardless of where you intend to use them. 

Rohi Cushions are made from quality materials. Each product is generously filled to establish a plump look. They are packed full of 100% polyester hollow fibre stuffing, which bounces back to its original shape in five seconds. It is also super soft and comfortable. 

These hypoallergenic pads have a polypropylene cover. You can sponge clean the surface and tumble dry on low when you want to restore their original fluffiness.


  • Nine varying size options for added versatility
  • Generously filled for plumpness and a soft feel
  • The stuffing rebounds in five seconds
  • They can be tumble dried to refresh their shape
  • Balance of comfort and softness


  • Their covers could be thinner than expected 
  • The filling might clump with extended use
  • You may want to air out this selection upon arrival

How to Choose a Cushion

To pick your new pads, you need to know what makes one option better than another. The upcoming sections explore critical characteristics found in cushions. Before choosing the ideal product for your home and needs, determine which of the following traits are most important to you. Then, examine and compare their features to make your decision. 


Pillow inserts come in various sizes, so you can easily customise this trait. Large pieces of furniture often look more presentable with more expansive cushions and smaller ones with more restricted models. Grander products also provide you with more padding, which can be enjoyable. Determine what dimensions will serve you best to help you narrow down your choices. 


The two main types of filling used in top-quality insert pillows are duck feathers and polyester hollow fibre. 

Feathers make for a fluffy, typically easy-to-clean cushion with an elegant feel and look. Often, down is mixed in as well to create additional softness. This type of stuffing is also highly durable. The main drawbacks to this option are a possible smell that needs to be washed out upon arrival and being less accommodating to specific allergies. 

Hollow fibre filling is light, airy, and has a decent amount of longevity. It is excellent for facilitating a plump appearance. The main cons for this material are that it is not always machine washable and could start to form clumps over time. 


Aside from adding style, the primary purpose of cushions is to enhance comfort. Wide, plush pillows are generally the most supportive and cosy. Of course, the cover you use with your inserts will significantly help with this factor, but you need to have a good base, or even the best encasement will not make a difference. If you choose correctly, your new pillows will do more than just add style to your home; they will improve your relaxation and longing capability. 


When you purchase premium quality products, you can expect a longer useful lifespan out of them, and this holds true for cushions. High-grade materials combined with expert craftsmanship make for the most durable pillow inserts. The fabric used to create the cover on an option is a good signal of what to expect. Look for models with thick cotton covers and dense weaves to get the best results. This feature is essential if you choose a model with feather stuffing as the quills are pretty sharp and can poke through. Thinner encasements can fray, lose their stitching, or leak filling much easier than you might expect. 

Ease of Care

Cleaning your cushions helps ensure they stay fresh and unblemished. Typically, they are inserted into a cover, which is often machine washable. However, you will still want to disinfect the actual pads from time to time. You can throw many options in the laundry, making for the easiest sanitation. Otherwise, depending on the filling, you may only be able to wipe down the exterior with a damp sponge. While this is often more labour intensive and doesn’t allow for deep buildup removal, it should be able to get the job done decently. 


Utopia Bedding makes an excellent choice for almost any home. This product comes in a pack of two and is available in a multitude of sizes. Each cushion is stuffed with a premium quality filling that quickly bounces back to its original shape. Perfect stitching around the perimeter creates an elegant look, even without a cover. When they need a refresh, you can easily pop the pads in the tumble dryer on low heat. Overall, these pillow inserts have a cosy and soft feel with a plump appearance suitable for various settings.

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