Best Compost Bins

Best Compost Bins

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Crucial for passionate gardeners and growers, an effective compost bin gives you a reliable place to store mulch and organic ingredients to nourish your soil. Having one of these products in your garden can be an excellent way to encourage the production of beneficial bacteria in your yard while reducing waste. However, selecting the right option can often be difficult, which is why we created this list.

How We Compared Compost Bins

To find the right compost bins, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Capacity
  • Durability
  • Materials
  • Functionality

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews, and comparing features to come up with this list.

Compost Bin Reviews

AROIJUN Blackwall Converter (Editor’s Choice)

This compost bin, made entirely from recycled plastic to help lower your carbon footprint, is a cylindrical solution for storing garden waste. The large container can hold up to 330 litres of mulch and organic material and is available to purchase with an optional base. The item is compact enough to fit well into various garden spaces while still delivering exceptional performance.

The AROIJUN Blackwall Converter Compost bin offers a quick and simple way for garden enthusiasts to recycle large quantities of waste. The design includes a lid on the top to make depositing waste straightforward and a hatch on the bottom of the cylinder for easy access to compost. There’s no assembly required with this item, so users can start transforming their yards instantly.

Minimalistic and effective, the solution creates rich and nutritious compost while protecting against moisture and pests with a high-quality plastic structure. The sturdy build also helps to ensure your bin doesn’t blow over in the wind.


  • Large 330-litre capacity
  • Made entirely from recycled plastic
  • Extra-wide hatch for easy access
  • No assembly required
  • Durable and resilient


  • The plastic could be a little thin in places
  • It may be difficult to use with no instructions

EJWOX Dual Rotating (Luxury Choice)

This dual-chamber compost bin can hold up to 43 gallons of organic waste in an octagonal, rotating container. This durable and BPA-free product is both sturdy and good for the environment, made with high-durability alloy steel. This product is balanced on two reliable legs to make loading quick and simple, and you can even place a cart underneath the composter.

The EJWOX Dual Rotating compost bin is an intelligent way to create fresh and nutritional food for your garden. The intelligent tumbler design allows the full system to turn on an axis for quick and simple rotation. There’s also a set of easy-slide doors for access, and the dual chamber system means you can fill one side up while leaving the other empty. The powder-coated steel frame is also resistant to rusting, damage and deterioration.

For gardening enthusiasts, this solution comes with a built-in Aeration system, with an internal bar for mixing compost and providing consistent airflow. There’s also a set of black double-wall panels for effectively absorbing and retaining heat.


  • Dual chamber for continuous use
  • Black double-wall panels for retaining heat
  • In-built aeration system for airflow
  • Tumbler design for easy access
  • Sturdy and powder-coated steel frame


  • The assembly process may be a little difficult for some
  • The openings might be too small for some users

4smile 300-litre (Best Value)

This compost bin, offering a massive 300 litres of capacity, is the ultimate way to run an eco-friendly and sustainable garden. The product comes with a stable hinged lid for easy filling from above, and there’s a fantastic hatch door for removing fertiliser. The dark colouring of the solution also helps to optimise heat development during sunny periods.

Suitable for all kinds of organic waste, the 4Smile 300-litre compost bin has various ventilation openings to allow for excellent airflow. The easy-to-assemble product requires no tools or professional knowledge, thanks to a convenient click-and-connect system. The item also comes flat-packed and can be disassembled for storage.

This solution, made with 100% recycled plastic, is ideal for all-year use, thanks to a light-resistant and weather-resistant structure. The specially-constructed lid also remains closed even when exposed to high-strength winds.


  • Large 300-litre capacity
  • Dark colouring to preserve summer heat
  • Easy to assemble with click and connect system
  • 100% recycled plastic for sustainability
  • Weather and wind resistant


  • It could be difficult to disassemble once built
  • Some of the components may feel a little thin

Gro Garden 140 litre (Best for Sturdiness)

With a durable metal structure and a UV-protected design, this compost bin is capable of withstanding all kinds of seasons. The tumbling composter has a unique rotating structure, allowing users to turn the opening hatch to the position they need simply. The two bins rotate separately and have their lids so that you can use each side for different types of compost.

The Gro Garden 140-litre compost bin is excellent for aerating and preserving homemade fertiliser. The simple locking system included with the device means you don’t have to worry about the mess when rotating the chambers. Plus, an internal aeration system is in place to allow for excellent airflow, promoting the development of good bacteria.

Heavy-duty and reliable, the item comes positioned on a set of sturdy metal legs for easy placement in your yard or garden. There are also in-built mixing bars to assist in speeding up the composting process, creating fertiliser in as little as 3-4 weeks.


  • Mixing bars to accelerate composting
  • Durable and heavy-duty construction
  • Two separate rotatable bins
  • In-built aeration system
  • Two lockable hatches


  • The product may be difficult to put together
  • The composter could be a little small for some users

VOUNOT 300 litre (Best for Easy Assembly)

With a large 300-litre capacity, this composter bin is great for making large amounts of fertilising and nourishing food for your garden. This product, constructed with hard-wearing recycled plastic, uses a dark-coloured exterior to support the development of heat within the container naturally. There’s also plenty of ventilation throughout to ensure adequate airflow.

The sturdy and durable VOUNOT bin, weighing around 5kg, is great for holding up to unpredictable weather and winds. Thanks to a convenient click system, the item can be easily assembled in a matter of minutes, with no need for any tools. The opening at the top of the device is large enough to allow for easy disposal of organic waste. At the bottom, there’s a hatch for removing fresh compost as quickly as possible.

This rectangular system fits well in a range of garden spaces without detracting from the appearance of your yard. Moreover, it can be disassembled and folded down flat for storage.


  • Hard-wearing recycled plastic
  • Good for preserving heat
  • Excellent ventilation for airflow
  • 300 litres of capacity
  • Convenient click-together system


  • The product could become less sturdy when overfilled
  • Some of the panels may seem a little thin

Easipet Wooden (Best Design)

Measuring around 74 x 74 x 80cm, this compact but durable composting bin is great for gardening lovers who want to ensure they don’t detract from the appearance of their yard. The wooden structure is both strong and aesthetically appealing, with an almost beehive-style design. The product also comes with a convenient hinged roof for easily adding and removing compost. 

This Easipet Wooden compost bin includes a fantastic removable panel at the base, allowing users to retrieve large amounts of compost. The solution can hold up to 328 litres of compost, making it great for larger gardens. Moreover, this item has been designed with spaced side slats on all edges to allow for fantastic air circulation.

The professional-looking yard accessory is both decorative and practical at the same time, with a waterproof stain on the exterior to protect against all weather conditions. This composter also comes flat packed and is easy to assemble.


  • Slots on all sides for air ventilation
  • Holds up to 328 litres of compost
  • Practical and attractive design
  • Removable panel at the base
  • Large, hinged lid


  • The instructions may be a little difficult to follow
  • The wood could split if not preserved properly

INNOLITES Organic Bag (Best for Practicality)

This dual-pack of organic composting bags is an excellent choice for yards with limited space. Capable of holding up to 15 gallons and 34 gallons of waste, the environmentally-friendly products can be used in the garden, kitchen, or shed. The two sizes also mean you can choose the right capacity for your compost bin at different times of the year.

The INNOLITES Organic bag composter accessories are made with high-quality PE material, designed to be water and sun resistant and durable. These products are corrosion-resistant and come with a sturdy handle for transportation on both sides of the bag. The zippered lid on the top of the solution makes it easy to protect your waste.

Multifunctional and practical, each bin is fitted with an access door underneath, which opens with a Velcro fastening for rapid compost retrieval. The flexible bags can also simply fold down for storage when not in use.


  • Multifunctional design for growing and composting
  • Two size options included
  • Environmentally friendly and durable
  • Resistant to water and sun
  • Easy access doors and zippered lid


  • The zips may break over time
  • These bags might not be sturdy enough for some users

How to Choose a Compost Bin

Versatile products for gardening enthusiasts and people living an eco-friendly lifestyle, composting bins are an excellent way to make the most of your organic waste. Available in various designs and materials, from wood to plastic and metal, these products make it easier to create high-quality food for your plants at home. The right choice for your needs will depend on your garden, requirements, and experience with composting.

Here are some of the factors you may need to consider when narrowing down your options.


The larger the bin you choose for your organic waste, the more compost you’ll be able to create. Some products come with multiple size options, so you can select the option most suited to your family and garden. Others can contain dual compartments, so you can start creating a new batch of fertiliser while you use an existing pile.

When looking at the size of your compost bin, keep in mind that a big capacity can also mean the item takes up more space in your yard.


As compost bins are usually kept outdoors, they need to be capable of resisting various forms of weather and damage. Metal products need to be protected against corrosion and rust, while plastic and wooden items should be scratch and moisture-resistant.

The weight of your chosen product can also determine whether it will be able to hold up well to heavy gusts of wind during the winter months.


Most of the compost bins on the market today are made with recyclable and eco-friendly materials. This helps to reduce your carbon footprint while you work on your garden. Some items are slightly more robust, featuring metal elements to protect against various forms of weather and damage, while others use materials with a focus on design and appearance.

For instance, a wooden compost bin may look better in your yard than something made from plastic, but it can be prone to moisture damage.


Some compost bins simply hold organic waste as it ferments and deteriorates, with a hatch at the bottom to make it easy to retrieve your fertiliser. Other options give you more freedom to aerate and move your compost around with internal mixing bars and a tumbler-style design.

Many products will also use double panelling or dark-coloured materials to assist with the formation of heat within the container.


Our top pick from this list was the AROIJUN Blackwall Converter compost bin. This product, made from recycled plastic, can hold up to 330 litres of organic material, making it ideal for large gardens. The convenient design has a lid on top for easy waste disposal and a hatch on the bottom. A highly durable structure helps to protect against various forms of weather throughout the year.

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