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best clothes pegs

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Washing clothes is an inevitable part of life. We may not enjoy it, but it’s a necessity and depending on the size of our families, we may have to do this multiple times per week. Therefore, anything that can make this tedious job easier is welcome. One useful set of items that can help is clothes pegs. These tools are essential if you hang your laundry on a line outside. They secure your garments and prevent them from blowing away in the wind. If you need a new kit or currently let your clothes hang free in peril, we have found seven fantastic options in the below article.

How We Compared Clothes Pegs

To find the right clothes pegs, we considered multiple factors, including

  • Quantity
  • Size
  • Durability
  • Storage

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

Clothes Peg Reviews

culiclean Non-Slip (Editor’s Choice)

If you want a well-rounded set of pegs that are durable and fit for purpose, the various features of these items are brilliant. Firstly, the metal spring is incredibly strong and should help fasten your clothes even in windy weather. This is furthered by the clamps’ soft cushioned design that will not leave marks on your laundry.

The culiclean Non-Slip Clothes Pegs come in an abundant pack of 48 pieces. You get two different colours in combinations like white/black, yellow/white, and grey/white. They are UVA/UVB-resistant, reducing degrading and preventing their bright colours from fading.

We also like their safety features, which include BPA-free and food-safe plastic. For ease of use, the handles have a horizontal ribbed plate to give you a firm grip while reducing the pressure needed to open the clamp.


  • 48 pegs included in the set
  • Multiple colour options are available
  • Made from durable BPA-free plastic
  • The grips are soft-cushioned to prevent pressure marks on clothes
  • UVA/UVB-resistant for outdoor use


  • The pegs could be a little difficult to press open
  • They may not slide easily on the line to move clothes

JVL Large 204 (Luxury Choice)

If you do not have a peg container, this set’s fabric drawstring bag will help. It has a stylish design on the front and a carabiner clip so you can hang it from the line as you put your laundry out. Additionally, it has enough space to easily fit more than 100 pegs.

The JVL Wooden Pegs are made from Birch, which is highly durable and superb for outdoor use. You can also rely on a strong grip due to the rust-resistant metal coil springs. They can cope with anything from small underwear to larger items like bedding and towels.

The pegs have a traditional shape and design, and the jaws have a groove in them to lock safely onto your clothes. Furthermore, in this comprehensive kit, you get 204 pegs which should be more than enough for a large family.


  • The included bag has a clip hook to hand from your line
  • Each peg is made from durable birch wood
  • They also have rust-resistant coil springs
  • Lightweight peg design with a strong grip
  • The bag also has a drawstring fastener


  • The pegs could be a little small for some items
  • They might sometimes twist under pressure

Olsen Wooden (Best Value)

The high-tension metal springs in these traditional wooden pegs are amazing. They should grip your laundry tightly and prevent items from falling to the ground. Additionally, due to the grooving insert, the units should not easily slide along your line and cause clothes to bunch together and crease.

The Olsen Wooden Clothes Pegs come in two packs of 50, so you easily have enough for a large household. Moreover, with a length of 7.5cm, they should be able to clamp any type of washing, like bedding and towels.

Also, on delivery, a simple card sheet is inserted between the jaws, which helps reduce wear before use. Lastly, the V-shape handles allow for a simple and convenient clamping with minimum finger pressure.


  • Extensive set with 100 wooden pegs
  • Made from long-lasting wood
  • The metal spring provides a strong grip and posture
  • Long clipping section with a curved end
  • Simple clasp mechanism that requires minimum pressure


  • Some customers might have noticed pegs splitting
  • You could find some broken items on delivery

Minky SureGrip (Best for Longevity)

These pegs’ strong and weatherproof construction is superb if you do multiple loads of laundry per week. They should withstand wear and tear and last for years, thanks to soft-grip pads that keep your garments in place without marking them.

The Minky SureGrip Pegs are built from durable plastic, and you get 80 items in the set in four vibrant colours. Each peg has a wide jaw which offers the maximum clamping strength so that even larger items like bedding will remain secure on your line.

The spring has a special anti-twist mechanism for ease of use. Moreover, the pegs are UV stable and should not fade in the sun or degrade over time. The soft pads on the handles help reduce sores and pressure on your hands, too.


  • Made from weatherproof plastic
  • Multicolour pack with four different colours
  • The jaws provide a large and soft grip to protect clothes
  • Pads on the grips help reduce hand pressure
  • Wide clasp mechanism for an easy clamp


  • There may not be a storage container
  • Some could find the pegs to be too small

Vounot 40 Strong (Best Weatherproof)

These pegs’ design is excellent if you have a small washing line or limited laundry space. Each item has a central clamp to hold one garment, but on both sides, there is an additional clasp for more pieces.

The Vounot Clothes Pegs look great, too and are made from a combination of strong stainless steel and plastic. As a result, they are highly durable, plus the plastic pads should prevent marks on your items while still giving a strong grip.

The set also includes a fantastic laundry bag that can store all 40 pegs. At the top, there is a drawstring closing mechanism to keep the contents dry. The carabiner around the opening enables you to hang the bag from the washing line.


  • Each peg has two hooks to hang two items from
  • Made from robust stainless steel and plastic
  • Includes a peg bag with a carabiner hook and drawstring closure
  • Silicone grips help prevent finger injuries
  • Four colours of pegs provided


  • Your clothes could slide on the line with these pegs
  • The silicone grips may fall off eventually

HANGERWORLD 36 Strong (Best Lightweight)

These pegs’ lightweight and easy-clamp design is perfect if you have limited mobility or strength in your hands. Furthermore, the horizontal ridges on the handles of the items give you a firm grip and allow you to hang laundry easily.

The HANGERWORLD Clothes Pegs are constructed from durable plastic, and the tips of the clamping part have a rubber coating. Therefore, your garments should stay secure regardless of wind or weight. This tip also helps prevent annoying marks on your clothes.

We also like the springs’ durability as they are rust-resistant and have a high-tension build. Included in the set, you get 36 pegs, each 8cm long. The items come in four different colours – red, blue, yellow, and green.


  • Rust-resistant material for outdoor use
  • The high-tension coil spring gives a tight grip
  • You get 36 pegs in the set with four colours
  • Ribbed handles to make clasping easier
  • Decent length to fit any type of clothes


  • You may not get any storage container
  • The hinge could sometimes twist sideways

Today Ecological (Best Conscious Choice)

If you are to make an environmentally-friendly impact and reduce your use of harmful materials, these pegs are an excellent conscious choice as they are constructed from 95% recycled plastic. They also have a resistant mould, and the steel spring has a cold galvanised finish for improved strength and durability.

The Today Ecological Clothes Pegs are available in four different set sizes from 30pcs up to 120. Therefore, you can easily get a quantity that matches your laundry needs. For safe use, the non-slip ridged surface of each item makes them simple to grip without exerting too much pressure.

They are windproof, too, and the clamping mechanism should mean your clothes stay secure regardless of the weather condition. They are also suitable for use on any type of hanging line and other things like photo holders.


  • Made from 95% recycled high-quality plastic
  • The spring is cold galvanised and anti-rust
  • The peg surface is non-slip and wind-resistant
  • You get 40 pegs in the set
  • The spring also provides a strong line grip


  • There may not be any laundry bag
  • Some customers might have reported damaged packaging on delivery

How to Choose Clothes Pegs

You should now have a great idea of the different clothes pegs available, but which is the right option for you? Before making a decision, consider where you would use them and the types of garments you might need to hang. Additionally, check out the short buying guide we have written below for more purchasing advice.


The quantity is arguably the most important factor when purchasing clothes pegs. You need to put this in context and think about how often you do a laundry load and how many items you typically hang on a washing line or a clothes horse.

Understanding this allows you to select a suitable quantity to ensure you always have enough. For example, buying a pack with 100 pegs could be wasteful if you live alone, whereas this may be perfect for a larger family.


Next, the dimensions of the pegs and their clipping capabilities are important. We advise checking the thickness of your washing line and clothes horse. You can then ensure that the items you choose have a clipping mechanism that actually fits around the wire.

Also, look at the length of the part that attaches to your garments. Do you think it will be strong enough to support them and is it long enough to clamp properly without your clothes falling off? By considering these factors, you can pick pegs that are fit for your purpose.


The products should also stand up to wear and tear and outdoor use, so we advise considering the durability. Commonly, clothes pegs are constructed from either plastic or wood. Both are relatively durable and hard-wearing, but wooden pegs may not last as long outside, depending on the finish.

Furthermore, some units have specific waterproof properties and are designed to be used outside regardless of weather conditions. Combine this with the brittleness of the materials, and you need to look at which pegs will last the longest.


Pegs are notoriously difficult to store due to their small irregular size. It’s quite easy to drop them and lose them around your garden and laundry room. Therefore, does the product include a carry case or a storage basket?


Our top pick is the culiclean Non-Slip Clothes Pegs set, thanks to its various safety features, environmentally-friendly properties, and lasting design. Within this set, you get 48 pieces in a dual-colour combination. Each peg has a strong safety spring that holds your laundry in place regardless of weather conditions. This is boosted by the BPA-free, food-safe, and UVA/UVB-resistant plastic constructed from recycled materials. You can easily clip any type of garment due to the long, curved shape of the pegs.

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