Best Cat Repellents

Best Cat Repellents

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Many of us have pets and love them dearly. However, we also know the annoyance and potential dangers of other animals roaming in your garden and outdoor areas. Cats, in particular, love to foul on other people’s lawns and borders. They can also cause an issue for wildlife like birds. If you have frequent outdoor visitors and you want to protect your garden, why not try some cat repellent? There are many different designs, but all these devices aim to keep a variety of animals away from your property. If this is something you need, we have listed seven suitable options for your consideration below.

How We Compared Cat Repellents

To find the right cat repellent, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Method
  • Safety
  • Ease of Use
  • Ergonomics

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

Cat Repellent Reviews

ROEJUYY Garden Solar (Editor’s Choice)

If you want a no-hassle deterrent for cats, this product is excellent. All you have to do is stick it into the ground, switch it on, and it will work immediately. It has a USB function, so no batteries are required, and the casing is IPX4 waterproof for outdoor use.

The ROEJUYY Cat Repellent has front controls to adjust the sensitivity and frequency. For example, Mode 1 is suitable for rats, foxes, and rabbits. This gives you fantastic flexibility and allows you to tailor the device to suit the animals who frequent your garden.

The PIR detection system has an angle of 110 degrees and can reach up to 33 feet. In addition to the ultrasonic sound, a bright LED light switches on to act as a further deterrent. Once charged via USB, the top solar panel will take over and keep it working.


  • PIR motion sensor for power-saving
  • It detects up to 33 feet and a wide angle of 110 degrees
  • Simple installation and controls
  • You can set it for different frequencies to tackle various animals
  • IPX4 waterproof casing for safe outdoor use


  • Some customers may have reported broken sensors
  • It could be weather sensitive

Pestbye Battery Operated (Luxury Choice)

This dual set allows you to have excellent coverage in your garden and install them exactly where you commonly get cats, such as your lawn or flower beds. They are robust, too, and have zinc-coating spikes for secure mounting in the ground.

The Pestbye Cat Repellent works on cats but is also effective against foxes, squirrels, dogs, and rodents. The PIR infrared motion detector works for a range of up to 7m and emits a high-frequency ultrasonic sound that is inaudible to humans.

The casing is waterproof to cope with various weather. Moreover, on the front, there are two dials so you can adjust the sensitivity of the device and the frequency to deter different types of animals. Aside from the metal stake, you can also use the hanging loop.


  • Easy to install with durable metal stakes
  • Fully waterproof design
  • PIR motion detection up to 7m away
  • It can be used to repel squirrels, rodents, insects, and foxes too
  • You can manually change the sound frequency


  • Some customers might have found faulty units
  • The detection range could be limited

SPLENDIDII Solar Animal (Best Value)

This device uses an ultrasonic sound combined with a bright flashing light to deter cats effectively from your garden. Furthermore, it lasts for 15 seconds, which should be more than enough to scare animals away permanently.

The SPLENDIDII Cat Repellent has a handy solar panel on the top. As a result, it doesn’t require a power cable and can be charged quickly. Additionally, to save on consumption, it has a PIR motion detector which will switch the device on only when something moves into its range.

It has a robust construction for outdoor use, and you can easily force it into the ground with the spiked pole. The deterrent has an ample detection range of 6-8m, and the lack of chemical components means it is completely safe for use around humans too.


  • It has a solar panel on the top for convenient charging
  • Waterproof casing and sensor
  • PIR sensor works for up to 26ft and a 110-degree angle
  • It has an ultrasonic sound but also a bright flashing light
  • Aesthetic colour and is easy to place into your lawn


  • Some customers may have received used items
  • It might not include screws for hanging

Get Off My Garden (Best for Versatility)

This easy-to-spread crystal substance is brilliant if you prefer a simple solution that avoids using sounds and a power source. You get two containers in the set, and each one can cover an area of 71 square meters which should be more than enough for most gardens.

The Get Off My Garden Cat Repellent is jelly-like crystals with a strong, scented odour that cats don’t like. Aside from lawns and borders, it is also approved for use on paving and concrete. The constitution of the product allows it to be placed in all weather conditions too.

Aside from cats, this item will also work on dogs. Furthermore, over a period of weeks after the application, the animals should be trained to move away from the targeted area.


  • The crystals should effectively confuse animals’ sense of smell
  • One bottle covers a wide area of 71 square metres
  • Set of 2 units for greater use
  • Effective in all weather conditions
  • They should train animals not to enter the area over a longer period


  • It may not have the best smell for humans either
  • This product could require additional work and maintenance

Silent Roar Lion Manure (Best Eco Friendly)

This product works brilliantly with cats as they are naturally scared of any scent from predators like lions. However, you could also use this item to repel other animals like deer, foxes, and squirrels. The application is quite simple, too – shake the pellets out of the container and spread them around.

The Silent Roar Lion Manure uses real essence from their droppings and has been sterilised into pellets. One box contains approximately 500g and should last up to three months from a single application. As a result, it is incredibly effective and reduces the work involved.

Not only that, but the product is environmentally-friendly and shouldn’t cause any damage to your plants, grass, and borders. It is advised to wear gloves when dispersing the pellets, as you want to keep your own scent off of the items.


  • The pellets are soaked in real lion manure essence
  • Effective without causing any harm
  • One application can last for up to three months
  • Environmentally-friendly product
  • It could also deter squirrels, deer, and foxes 


  • It may need more effort and manual work
  • The smell could be unpleasant for humans too

Karlsten Anti Fouling Spray (Best for Ease of Use)

If you prefer a natural approach using a tried and tested method, the citronella in this formula acts as a brilliant deterrent. Citrus is a known repellant, and the simple spray function of this product means you can effectively cover the areas that those pesky animals are known to frequent.

The Karlsten Anti-Fouling Spray should also last for up to two weeks. Additionally, the formula is safe and can also be used indoors if you have your own pets that scratch on doors or climb onto areas they shouldn’t be.

You get a 500ml bottle, and we like that the substance is weather-resistant. As a result, it shouldn’t be washed away by rain. Furthermore, the citronella scent itself is pleasant and shouldn’t cause any disturbance for humans.


  • It contains citronella, which is an excellent fouling deterrent
  • One application should last up to two weeks
  • Simple spray bottle function
  • The substance is also weatherproof
  • Suitable for indoor use 


  • Some spray heads could be stiff
  • The bottle may not have a huge capacity

ASPECTEK Yard Sentinel (Best for Adjustability)

If you want a device that you can adjust to suit different animals, the included remote control of this product is perfect. It allows you to select the frequencies or turn the unit off altogether. Additionally, there are manual controls inside the case too.

The ASPECTEK Yard Sentinel uses a strong ultrasonic sound to deter cats and works in an area of up to 5000 square feet. Furthermore, the casing makes it suitable for outdoor use. We also like the green cover as it can blend in nicely with your plants and lawn.

Moreover, it offers flexibility in terms of power since it has a slot in the rear for two batteries, but it also includes a long cord. The PIR detection ensures that it is used conservatively and that the sound isn’t always on.


  • Remote control included 
  • Can cover a wide area of up to 5000 square feet
  • IPX4 waterproof casing
  • PIR motion detection to save on power
  • Long extension cord for flexibility


  • The sound could be uncomfortable for humans
  • Some customers may have reported faulty units

How to Choose a Cat Repellent

As you can see, there are various cat-repellent methods, so you have to choose one suitable for your property and for what you want to achieve. This can be challenging, but don’t worry – we have created a simple buying guide below that shows the common considerations to make when buying these products.


Firstly, there are several different types of cat repellent, each with varying effectiveness and means of operation.

You can get ultrasonic deterrents which emit high-frequency noise that will scare animals like cats. These are relatively easy to use and require less effort.

Alternatively, you can find sprays and crystals that have to be manually dispersed in your garden. Usually, they are highly effective and cause no harm to the animals, but the downside is that more work is generally involved.


Next, while the main aim of these products is to deter cats from fouling on your garden, you ultimately don’t want to harm them. 

Therefore, we advise checking the safety labels and features of the items. With ultrasonic deterrents, no harm is caused, but these may give cats a little distress and alarm them when it sounds. In contrast, spray and crystals are usually non-harmful and simply emit a strong smell that the animals don’t like.

Ease of Use

We also advise looking at how easy the products are to use. With spray or crystals, there is much more effort involved. This is because you have to spread them around your garden manually. Additionally, depending on the strength and effectiveness, you will probably have to do this multiple times.

In contrast, sound-emitting units can be installed once, and the only maintenance you should have to perform is changing batteries if they are not solar-powered.


Lastly, consider the ergonomics and how these products could impact the visual appeal of your garden and outdoor areas. With crystals and spray, the effect is virtually invisible. Once you have spread the substance, you won’t see it at all, so it doesn’t detract from the aesthetics of your garden.

Similarly, the sound-emitting devices are usually quite small too. They will cause minor wear to your lawn as you typically have to stick them into the soil. However, most of them come with a green casing that also blends in nicely with your outdoor space.


Our top pick is the ROEJUYY Cat Repellent with its motion sensor activation, simple design, and the fact that it can deter multiple types of animals. This device works on cats but should also repel other animals like dogs, foxes, racoons, and squirrels. Simply stick the peg into the ground, switch it on, and set the frequency and sensitivity dials; it will cover a wide area and has a sensor angle of 110 degrees. Moreover, the light-sensing system will only activate at night to deter animals and automatically turns off lights at dawn to save on power.

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