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best buckets

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

A bucket might not be the most exciting tool in your home, but it’s one of the most important and versatile for many people. Crucial for cleaning, decorating, DIY and various other tasks, the right product will make your life much easier. However, choosing the correct solution can be difficult, which is why we created this guide.

How We Compared Buckets

To find the right buckets, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Design
  • Durability
  • Ease of Use
  • Capacity

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews, and comparing features to come up with this list.

Bucket Reviews

Highlands Galvanised (Editor’s Choice)

This simple but effective bucket is fantastic for professionals in the construction industry, DIY home enthusiasts and cleaners alike. The product can withstand both hot and cold temperatures and is suitable for hundreds of domestic and commercial jobs. This means you can easily transport hot ash, coal, and ice. What’s more, the ample capacity ensures you’ll have plenty of space.

Thanks to a strong metal structure, the Highlands Galvanised bucket is built to stand the test of time. Weighing around 2.2 pounds, it is lightweight and portable. It also has a resilient handle with a wooden element in the middle to ensure good grip and comfort. The stylish design even means you could consider using this item as a plant pot.

The versatility and longevity of this accessory make it an excellent tool to have handy for a range of tasks and projects. It’s also easy to clean with a sponge and water.


  • Lightweight design for effortless transportation
  • Strong galvanised metal structure
  • Comfortable wooden handle
  • Great capacity
  • Suitable for cold and hot materials


  • The metal may bend under pressure
  • The handle might struggle with heavy materials

SAMMART Collapsible (Luxury Choice)

The intelligent design of this lightweight bucket makes it great for a range of home tasks. The BPA-free material can conveniently fold down when not in use for compact storage. The capacity is around 23.8 litres. This product is ideal for cleaning windows, transporting materials and more.

Particularly well-suited to glass and window cleaning, the SAMMART Collapsible bucket is wide enough to accommodate most standard squeegees. The robust metal handle also includes an ergonomic grip to make carrying your belongings as comfortable as possible. 

Thanks to the collapsible structure, this product is also great for transportation. Practical and convenient, this solution is even large enough to store a broom, so you can keep all of your cleaning utensils in the same place.


  • Collapsible design for easy transportation and storage
  • Large capacity of 23.8 litres
  • BPA-free and durable materials
  • Comfortable ergonomic handle
  • Large enough for squeegees and brushes


  • The handle may be a little thin in places
  • It might be difficult to collapse the product

Addis Eco (Best Value)

Available in a range of colours to suit the style of your home, this eco-friendly bucket is ideal for a variety of tasks. Made with 100% recycled household plastics, it is great for those who want to have a positive impact on the planet. The BPA-free material is also thick and durable, reducing the risk of cracks and damage.

The Addis Eco bucket has a convenient capacity of up to 10 litres, making it a good choice for washing up, cleaning tasks and more. The lightweight structure is ideal for portability, and the item also comes with a set of robust handles on either side for lifting. The extra strong lip around the top of the solution also makes it more resistant to bending and warping.

Due to its design, this bucket would be a good option for those looking for something which fits well in a kitchen sink. The plastic material also reduces the worry of rust and corrosion.


  • Durable recycled plastic
  • Range of colour options to choose from
  • Resistant to damage and cracks
  • Robust handles for easy transportation
  • Portable


  • The product might be a little smaller than expected
  • The handles may be a little too bulky

Beldray LA068984GRYEU7 (Best for Practicality)

With a fantastic 10-litre capacity, this bucket is excellent for holding plenty of liquid, cleaning materials, and other products. The lightweight item is easy to transport in the back of your car and folds down flat for space-saving storage. You could even use this solution on the move as a water container for camping and caravanning.

The Beldray LA068984GRYEU7 bucket combines practicality with style. Available in a selection of different colours, this item has a stylish glitter finish you’ll love showing off around the house. The extra-strong structure is resistant to cracks and damage, so you can get the best results out of your purchase year after year. 

The indented lip on the top of this item makes it fantastic for pouring out liquids with minimal mess. Plus, it’s sturdy, and it also has a thick handle for ease of use.


  • Fantastic for portability
  • Attractive design in various colours
  • Indented lip for pouring water
  • Strong handle
  • Collapsible structure for easy storage


  • The flexible material might be prone to tearing
  • The item may be difficult to fold flat

Glabepely 10L (Best for Durability)

The high-strength polypropylene used throughout this bucket makes it a durable choice for carrying cleaning equipment, water, and more. A 10-litre capacity makes this item large enough for a range of use cases, while a collapsible structure ensures it doesn’t take up too much storage space. Thanks to its lightweight design, this accessory is also great for transportation.

This Glabepely bucket is large enough to accommodate mops, squeegees, and sponges, making it fantastic for cleaning windows and cars. The high-quality materials withstand a range of temperatures, so you can also use the item as an ice container. 

A sturdy plastic base and rim offer excellent support, while the fold-down handle makes carrying simple. This practical solution is intended for washing tasks, camping trips, and more, so it can adapt to virtually any need, plus it is easy to clean too.


  • 10-litre capacity
  • Collapsible structure for storage
  • Easy to transport with a lightweight design
  • Durable materials throughout
  • Non-slip comfortable handle


  • The capacity could be a little small for some users
  • This model might not be ideal for heavy items

Zaleonline 5L (Best Lightweight)

This brightly-coloured bucket features strong polypropylene material for exceptional flexibility and durability. The product can easily fold down flat when not in use, making it small enough to fit in a backpack or car boot. What’s more, it comes with a handy hole on the top so you can attach it to a carabiner when you’re limited in space when camping.

The Zaleonline bucket can hold up to 5 litres of water and other materials and collapses to a height of only 5cm when folded. Intended for portability, it comes with a strong silicone handle, so you can move your cleaning supplies or liquids with minimal effort. The eye-catching green colour also makes it easy to spot when you’re hunting for your accessories.

The indentation on the lip at the top of the bucket allows you to pour liquids out of this container with minimal splashes. Plus, it’s easy to store since it takes up little space. 


  • Brightly coloured and easy to spot
  • Great for transportation and portability
  • Convenient and sturdy handle
  • Small enough for a backpack
  • Easy to pour out liquids


  • The product may not be ideal for heavy items
  • The folding material might tear with time

Kingfisher GALB (Best for Versatility)

This simple but effective bucket is ideal for a wide range of use cases. The strong galvanised metal withstands all kinds of temperatures, so it’s suitable for storing both ice and hot ash or coals. Moreover, this item can hold up to 9 litres, making it a practical choice for washing your cars or windows, transporting materials, and more.

The Kingfisher GALB bucket is designed to focus on strength and longevity, so it is ideal for commercial and domestic tasks. Measuring 28 x 28 x 23.5 centimetres, it offers plenty of space for gardening, rubble cleaning, cement mixing, and water transportation. 

Thanks to a convenient swing handle, this product is also easy to move around without exposing your fingers to the temperatures of the items you’re carrying. Lastly, the high-quality materials throughout ensure minimal risk of damage or dents.


  • Galvanised metal structure
  • Durable and resilient to various temperatures
  • A total capacity of 9 litres
  • Suitable for all commercial and domestic tasks
  • Convenient swing handle


  • The metal could be a little thin for some users
  • The handle might not be very ergonomic

How to Choose a Bucket

As one of the most versatile products in any household or business, buckets can serve a wide range of purposes. This means choosing the correct item will require careful consideration of your requirements. Some consumers may want a lightweight and collapsible solution that’s easy to transport and store. Others may be looking for something durable enough to withstand exposure to both high and low temperatures.

Here are some of the factors you might consider when making your decision.


The appearance of your bucket may be important to you if you plan on having it on display within your home. For instance, containers used for washing up can come in a range of colours to match your kitchen accessories and utensils.

When looking at the design, it’s also worth considering how the bucket is built and the functionality it can offer. For instance, some items are collapsible, which makes them ideal for taking up minimal space in storage and fantastic for portability.


A great bucket needs to be able to withstand exposure to various materials and temperatures. You should be able to use your tool without worrying about heat melting or warping the components. Similarly, it’s important to ensure your purchase won’t be constantly exposed to dents, rips, tears, or other forms of damage.

Strong materials like reinforced plastic and galvanised metal can provide peace of mind when choosing the right home and business accessories.

Ease of Use

Most buckets are relatively straightforward in their design, but some come with extra features which can make them more convenient. A comfortable and ergonomic handle ensures transporting heavy items is simpler. At the same time, an indentation in the lid or lip of the container can help pour out liquids with minimal mess.

For long-term maintenance, it may also be a good idea to look for materials on your bucket that make cleaning effortless. Surfaces you can wipe to wash are often appealing to homeowners.


Buckets can come in a variety of sizes to suit different use cases. For those searching for a lightweight solution for camping and similar activities, 5 litres or less will usually be a good option. Alternatively, if you need to carry large amounts of equipment or lots of liquid at once, you may need to search for something capable of holding 10 litres or more.

When examining capacity, consider how much of a material your container can handle and what temperatures it can withstand. Some products will not be suitable for extremely hot or cold substances.


From this list, our top pick was the Highlands Galvanised bucket, with its extra strong and durable design. Simple but effective, the product is suitable for a range of commercial and domestic use cases. The structure can hold a lot of water and other equipment and can withstand exposure to high and low temperatures. A strong handle with a wooden component also allows for easy and comfortable carrying.

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