Best Bird Boxes

Best Bird Boxes

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

A beautiful bird box is more than just an excellent way to decorate your garden; it can also help to attract new feathered visitors to your outdoor space. Great for nature lovers, these products make it easy for winged creatures to nest, eat, and live in your yard. However, choosing the ideal solution for your needs can be complex, which is why we created this guide.

How We Compared Bird Boxes

To find the right bird boxes, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Design
  • Durability
  • Unique Features
  • Ease of Use

We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews, and comparing features to come up with this list.

Bird Box Reviews

Vivid Arts D-Letterbox (Editor’s Choice)

This bird box is a fantastic way to bring extra personality to your garden space. It is made with long-life UV-stabilised resin and designed to offer exceptional durability for years to come. The included nest box in the middle has been carefully crafted to appeal to smaller birds like those from the Tit family while deterring larger, predatory animals.

This Vivid Arts D-Letterbox birdhouse mimics the appearance of a traditional mailbox with plenty of attractive details. The product is hand-painted in shades of gold and red, sure to make your garden look phenomenal. It also comes with a valuable sliding door at the back, so you can easily clean out the nesting section between visitors.

Compact enough to fit in most outdoor spaces, this charming bird box includes a hanging hole, so you can find the perfect position for it on any tree or post. You can even use it indoors for home décor purposes.


  • Long-life UV stabilised resin
  • Attractive hand-painted design
  • Specially created to lure in smaller birds
  • Sliding back door for easy cleaning
  • Simple to mount indoors or outdoors


  • The item may be too small for some users
  • The product might have quite a strong smell

Green Feathers Wooden (Luxury Choice)

Both durable and attractive, this sophisticated wooden bird box encourages new feathered friends to visit your garden. The 32mm entrance hole is perfectly-suited for smaller birds like wood sparrows and blue tits, but it’s too small to allow access to common predators. The roomy interior also includes plenty of space for setting up a camera with a feed straight to your home.

This Green Feathers Wooden birdhouse is designed to stand the test of time and features a series of 21mm thick panels in long-lasting wood. The locally and ethically sourced materials are FSC certified, and each product is hand-built to ensure an excellent finish. There are also various ventilation slots included around the roof of this product to help maintain bird health.

This convenient product comes with all the mounting fixings and fittings you need to create the ultimate home environment for any winged visitor. You can also remove the front panel with a screwdriver for quick cleaning.


  • Extra spacious for bird families
  • Carefully designed entry hole to prevent predator access
  • Space for setting up a camera
  • Hand-built with ethically sourced materials
  • Extra thick and durable components


  • You might need extra screws when setting up
  • The item could be quite difficult to dismantle and clean

Handy Home & Garden HHGBF017 (Best Value)

This set of two sturdy pieces will give the birds in your garden a comfortable place to rest and nest throughout the year. Pre-assembled and ready to mount upon delivery, these birdhouses require no tools or DIY knowledge. They are made from fully pressure-treated and stained wood to ensure resilience against all weather conditions.

These Handy Home & Garden HHGBF017 bird boxes are attractive and durable. Their compact modern design is sure to match your yard aesthetic perfectly. What’s more, each house comes with a sloping roof to allow for quick rain run-off and minimise moisture build-up. The products include a 30mm bird hole, suitable for attracting smaller creatures while warding off predators.

Each box in this set features a lift-up hinged roof, so you can clean the centre out easily between nesting periods. There’s also a pre-formed hanging hole on the back for quick and convenient mounting. As an added bonus, the items also come with an information leaflet with tips on how to make the most of your new purchase.


  • Modern and sophisticated design
  • 30mm bird hole intended for smaller creatures
  • Sloping roof for rapid rain run-off
  • Hinged lift-up roof for easy cleaning
  • Built-to-last with pressure-treated wood


  • The wood may feel a little thin in places
  • There might be a few splinters to smooth out

Nature’s Market Hotel (Best Rustic)

Compact enough to suit most garden spaces, this attractive bird box will transform your yard with a fun and whimsical design. This product is shaped like a love heart, with a range of novelty messages and signs printed on the front, and it is sure to grab attention. The durable wooden structure is resilient and long-lasting, so you can enjoy your feathered visitors for years.

The unique appearance of this Nature`s Market Hotel bird box makes it ideal for style-conscious homeowners. This item is also highly versatile, with a metal hanging hook included and a sturdy base if you decide to place the product on top of a table or patio. The item offers plenty of space inside where birds can comfortably rest and nest throughout the seasons. There’s also an extra small entrance hole to deter predators and stop them from gaining access.

The solid wood structure looks great, but it also helps preserve the box’s stability and protect against long-term damage. The solution is also lightweight enough to hang on various branches and other points around your yard.


  • Beautiful rustic design
  • Long-lasting wooden structure
  • Small entrance hole to protect against predators
  • Multiple hanging and placement options
  • Compact for smaller yards


  • The box might not be easy to clean
  • Some products may have nails poking through one side

Supa Wild Multi-Purpose (Best for Versatility)

This spacious bird box is suitable for all winged species, from robins and blue tits to nuthatches and tree sparrows. It requires minimal assembly, and it can be used in its original form, with a closed front and a small entry hole. Alternatively, you can remove the two screws holding the front panel in place to create an open nesting area.

The Supa Wild Multi-Purpose birdhouse has integrated ventilation via a small hole in the base. This also allows birds to clean their own spaces quickly and easily. With a strong wooden construction, the item is both durable and resilient. There’s even a sloped roof which helps to navigate rainwater away from the middle and prevent rot.

The ability to remove the front panel of this item means you’ll be able to rapidly clean out the middle section between nesting seasons. As a bonus, this solution looks fantastic, with a simple and natural design that works well in any yard.


  • Attractive wooden design
  • Multi-functional construction
  • Easy-to-remove panel for cleaning
  • Ventilation included for good bird health
  • Suitable for various types of bird


  • The entrance hole may be too small for some birds
  • The wood might split in some places

Garden Mile Wine Cork (Best for Style)

This 2-in-1 set of garden accessories includes a stunning hanging table and a charming birdhouse, ideal for smaller feathered creatures. These items are made from wine corks, jute string, and wood for a durable and eco-friendly result. Thanks to the included rope components, you can also easily hang your new accessories from any post or tree.

The sustainable and attractive Garden Mile Wine Cork bird table and box gives homeowners everything they need to attract new visitors to their gardens. The wonderfully detailed design of the house mimics the appearance of a country-style chateau, while the table provides a sturdy location to feed visiting creatures.

Each item includes a sturdy base to keep birds safe when they’re eating or nesting. There’s also a small entry hole intended to prevent predators from accessing the box.


  • Eco-friendly and sustainable materials
  • Attractive and unique appearance
  • 2-in-1 bird-watching set
  • Sturdy base for supporting all kinds of birds
  • Easy to hang anywhere in your garden


  • The cork may not be entirely weatherproof
  • The rope might deteriorate over time

ADEPTNA Wooden (Best for Durability)

With a weight of only 540 grams, this lightweight bird box can be placed anywhere in your garden to attract nesting visitors. The small structure perfectly suits wild birds, with a compact entrance hole that keeps predators out. This item comes pre-assembled and ready to use, so you don’t need any tools or materials before you take it outside. There’s even a reinforced hanging slot on the back.

The ADEPTNA Wooden bird box is made entirely from eco-friendly and ethically-sourced wood. The materials are pressure treated and stained with chemical-free substances. This item also comes with a convenient sloping roof, allowing rain to run off quickly, and protecting your product against potential moisture damage.

The hinged top panel can also be easily opened and closed, so you can clean out the middle of your birdhouse whenever you like. With a simple and minimalistic appearance, this convenient item will look fantastic in any garden environment.


  • Simple and minimalistic design
  • Sloped roof to encourage rain run-off
  • Easy to clean with a hinged section
  • Eco-friendly and pressure-treated wood
  • Reinforced hanging slot included


  • The wood may not be entirely weatherproof
  • The product might require extra screws and pins for stability

How to Choose a Bird Box

The ideal bird box for your home will depend on several factors, including what kind of feathered creatures you want to attract to your garden and your sense of style. These products come in many shapes and sizes to suit different needs, with various unique materials and designs to choose from.

Here are some of the points you may need to consider when making your decision.


Bird boxes can be a wonderful way to accessorise your garden and make your outdoor space more visually appealing. There are many styles to choose from, including those designed to look like mailboxes or miniature houses.

When looking for the ideal product, it’s worth thinking about the kind of space you want to offer your feathered friends. Some solutions have a small entrance hole, while others allow you to remove a panel to create an open nesting area.


As they’re exposed to the elements throughout the year, it’s important to ensure your bird boxes are ready to withstand all kinds of conditions. Highly durable pressure-treated wood should be able to endure regular rain and UV rays. However, you may also need to look at the strength of any screws and fixings too.

Unique Features

The special components included in bird boxes can make them more attractive, intuitive, or comfortable for your feathered friends. Some solutions feature extra ventilation to keep creatures cosy throughout the seasons, while others have a space where you can set up a monitoring camera.

Certain products will also have specially designed entrance holes which are perfectly sized for smaller birds but help to keep larger predators out.

Ease of Use

A great bird box should be simple to assemble, mount, and maintain over time. Some options come pre-built, so you don’t need to put anything together. They may also include hinged lids so you can quickly empty out or clean the boxes between uses.


Our top pick from this list is the fantastic Vivid Arts D-Letterbox. Attractive and eye-catching, this unique birdhouse is fantastic for decorating your garden and attracting feathered creatures to your space. The hand-painted item can be used indoors or outdoors and has a sliding door at the back to make cleaning out messes quick and simple. Thanks to durable materials throughout, this solution will also withstand all kinds of weather conditions.  

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