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best bin bags

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Bin bags are an essential component of rubbish containment. As such, they can be found in any home and, sometimes, in various sizes as well. Also known as trash liners, these products come in different strengths and have varying features. Often, the slight details make a big difference, resulting in one model being more capable than another. Using quality rubbish sacks helps to prevent leaks and tears, which lead to unwanted mess and odours. This article evaluates top prospects and explores their prominent traits so that you can find the best possible options for your home’s specific needs.

How We Compared Bin Bags

To find the right bin bags, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Capacity
  • Quantity
  • Sturdiness
  • Closure
  • Eco-Friendliness

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

Bin Bag Reviews

Brabantia PerfectFit (Editor’s Choice)

This pick is made with quality HDPE plastic to ensure performance. They have generous proportions and make a fantastic choice for most homes and purposes. 

Brabantia PerfectFit Bin Bags come in a pack of 30, giving you a decent supply from the start. The size H model has a 50 to 60-litre capacity and measures 83 x 60.5 x 0.1cm. They are designed to provide extra strength and deliver well. Each unit contains integrated tie-tape handles, which makes them easy to carry and close. 

The design of this product ensures there will not be any ugly overlap thanks to a smart fit configuration. The sacks have built-in ventilation holes to facilitate easier insertion and removal from the trash can. They also feature distinct colour coding that helps you organise and locate various sizes at a glance, so they are ideal for homes with several bin liner lengths.


  • 30 per pack with a 50-60L capacity
  • Expertly sized to eliminate overlap
  • Ventilation points for simplified extraction and placement
  • Incorporated tie tape for easy transport
  • High-calibre material


  • This pick could leak with excessive liquid
  • The aerated portion could reduce the integrity
  • They may not be strong enough for heavy-duty use

Just Bin Bags (Luxury Choice)

This product is versatile, accommodating, and great for use in the office, kitchen, or garage. Its rigid and durable build brings you reliable quality in any room of your home. 

Just Bin Bags liners are perfectly sized for large pedal bins with a 70 to 80-litre capability. They have a 15kg capacity, thanks to their 140 gauge, 32.5-micron robust construction. The hefty composition is also made from recycled materials and brings you high-capacity strength overall. They should not split or tear, allowing them to trap odours inside.  

These bin bags come in a pack of 200, which is a substantial supply for one box. The opal colour model is solid black, but other density options are also available, so you can easily customise your sacks for light to extra heavy-duty performance.  


  • Elevated quality
  • Contains up to 15kg
  • Strong and dependable 
  • 200 units per package
  • Recycled plastic build


  • Some pieces might arrive with damage
  • They may not be as thick as expected 
  • The material itself could have an odour

BIN IT (Best Value)

Quality-tested for demanding use and various other tasks, this selection makes an excellent choice for multiple purposes. They are wonderful for caterers and everyday service in the office, kitchen, and general household. 

BIN IT trash sacks feature a convenient drawstring for easier manipulation and manoeuvrability. The handles also help to trap smells inside when tied together. They are made from 100% recycled tear-resistant LDPE film and are leak-resistant as standard. Each purchase comes with 40 units in the package. 

These bin bags are designed to fit containers up to 70 litres, so they can accommodate the average bin with no problem. They have an 850mm length, a 725mm width, and a 1450mm rim opening that adapts to the shape of your receptacle. 


  • Convenient drawstring closure 
  • 100% recycled material
  • Ideal for everyday use around the home
  • Suitable for receptacles up to 70L
  • Tear and leak-resistant design


  • The top seam might be somewhat fragile
  • They may not be as strong as other options
  • The handles could be a bit flimsy

Joseph Joseph (Best for Sturdiness)

These black bags come in a pack of 20. They have a heavy-duty style and were designed to withstand use with compacted waste, making them highly accommodating. 

Joseph Joseph Bin Bags have an extra strong build with a double seam construction to improve performance and dependability. The IW4 size offers you a reasonably large capacity. It can contain 50 litres when used like usual or up to 90 litres of compacted rubbish. Each piece is custom fit to the company’s line of waste and recycling bins, ensuring you get a secure hold without excess material. 

This product has convenient tie-tape drawstring handles for easy closing and the ability to trap odours when you remove it from its holder. Additionally, other smaller sizes are available so you can outfit your entire home as needed. 


  • They hold up to 90L when compacted 
  • Handles for simplified extraction
  • Reinforced seams 
  • Custom-fit design
  • Pack of 20


  • They may be flimsier than previous renditions
  • This pick could tear while attempting to tie
  • They may not be able to hold their intended capacity

Greener Walker (Best Compostable)

If you prefer to purchase your rubbish liners from a company focusing on greener products, this pick makes a fantastic choice. It does an excellent job of providing you with an environmentally-conscious and dependable product all around.

Greener Walker Bin Bags are constructed with a flat top and a gathered base for straightforward use. They have a 72cm rim and a 35cm length for a six-litre internal capacity, and each unit comes with 120 liners giving you an ample supply. 

This selection is certified to be biodegradable. They are made entirely from corn starch, vegetable oils, and fully compostable polymers called PBAT. The sacks are up to 25% thicker than similar choices, and their build 100% will not split or leak. This product also comes in a recyclable carton to ensure zero plastic pollution. 


  • Leak and spill-resistant
  • Reliably biodegradable 
  • No plastic packaging
  • 25% thicker than the competition
  • 120 liners with a 6L size


  • This pick may not be the easiest to tie
  • They could be too small for some needs
  • The material might be less resilient than other options 

Relevo Recycled (Best Eco Friendly)

Available in various sizes and quantities, these trash sacks are great for various needs. They have a highly accommodating design and are excellent for reducing waste. 

Relevo Bin Bags come in 50, 30, or 100-litre capacity options and have as many as 156 per package, depending on the particular model. They are made from heavy-duty green plastic and can resist up to 45kg of weight per liner. They also feature an anti-drip system for easily containing liquids and messy spills. 

These bags are 100% recycled, biodegradable, and recyclable. They are petroleum-free, and manufacturing their results in as much as 70% less CO2 emissions than other similar models. With several environmental certifications and a process that repurposes 2.2kg of refuse to produce 60 rubbish carriers, the environmentally-conscious consumer will feel confident choosing this product for their home.


  • Various sizes and quantity options 
  • Made using recycled materials 
  • Will not leak liquids
  • Tough green plastic build
  • Biodegradable structure


  • They may be shorter than anticipated
  • The handle could be less than sufficient
  • They might not be as resilient as other options 

simplehuman CW0171 (Best for Durability)

These carriers are made from a strong white material that performs well and is decently sized. Their exceptionally resistant plastic helps to prevent cracks and holes and keeps your rubbish managed with ease. 

simplehuman Bin Bags are tailor-made for specific containers to establish the best fit possible. The Code K version indicates they are suitable for receptacles with up to a 45-litre capacity. They come in a pack of 20, and each unit has double seams to ensure proper use.

This selection is constructed to bring you a hidden edge after insertion, rendering the bag almost invisible when installed correctly. The pieces have practical handles that facilitate straightforward lifting, carrying, and tying for convenience all around. 


  • Tough material build
  • Reinforced seams for added strength
  • Simple tying and carrying handles
  • Hidden edge design for enhanced appearance
  • Up to a 45-litre capacity


  • They might leak slightly with excessively wet contents
  • This particular size may be smaller than other top models
  • The ties could be a bit weaker than other options

How to Choose a Bin Bag

Not all bin bags are made alike. That’s why it is essential to understand their design features and slight differences to ensure you are using suitable sacks for your trash containment needs. The following sections examine notable traits found in rubbish liners so that when the time comes, you can confidently select the ideal products, regardless of how or where you plan to use them. 


The internal capacity of a bin bag is an excellent indicator of whether it can accommodate your home’s needs. Select an option that will fit your trash cans and be able to contain the amount of rubbish your house produces. Liners come in varying sizes and are designed to hold anywhere from six to 100 litres of garbage. A 50 to 60 or 70 to 80-litre choice is the most common as they will fit a typical kitchen receptacle.


The quantity of bin bags in a single package varies greatly. When selecting the ideal option for your needs, consider the number of liners you receive in a purchase. While you can always acquire more than one at the same time, often, larger amounts are more convenient as they won’t require you to restock as frequently.


Bin bags must be sturdy and reasonably strong. If not, they are likely to develop tears or leaks when sharp or wet items are contained within, as is common with household rubbish. Top-quality models are made from tough materials and have thicker, denser builds to ensure optimal performance, regardless of what kind of waste you produce. In addition, some of the best options also feature reinforced seams to prevent accidental rips in the structure. 


Traditionally, you close a bin bag by tying the top corners together. However, this can lead to a reduction in internal space, and when a liner is overfilled, it can be pretty tricky. If this sounds like a familiar problem, you may be better served by a model that has integrated tie-tape handles. A drawstring makes latching the sack much simpler and helps it to contain foul odours once removed from the receptacle. Some advanced models also feature ventilation holes near the top rim to reduce resistance caused by suction when removing a liner. 


Bin bags come in varying levels of eco-friendliness. While liners are designed to hold rubbish safely, which is environmentally responsible, many models are also made from recycled materials, which gives them an advantage in this territory. Some options are also compostable or come in sustainable packaging, both of which effectively minimise the amount of total waste. If sustainability is a priority for you, choose a prospect that aligns with your principles.


Brabantia PerfectFit Bin Bags come in a pack of 30 and have a 50 to 60-litre capacity. They consist of quality HDPE plastic and are designed to be extra strength for all your containment needs. Moreover, each piece is expertly sized to eliminate overlap, providing a more finished appearance. These liners feature handy ventilation points for simplified extraction and placement. They also have integrated tie-tape handles for easy transport and handling overall. Conveniently, the packaging is also colour coded to help you locate the correct size sack at a glance.

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