Best Bathroom Scales

best bathroom scales

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Whether you’re a fitness junkie or just wish to keep an eye on your waistline, bathroom scales are a must-have for everyone. While traditional models would just read your weight, now you can measure everything from body fat to BMI in the comfort of your home. Wondering which is the best one for you? Our reviews and buyers’ guide below should help.

How We Compared Bathroom Scales

To find the right bathroom scales, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Design
  • Reliability
  • Features
  • Connectivity
  • Ease of Use

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

Bathroom Scale Reviews

Etekcity Precision Digital (Editor’s Choice)

This high-spec set of bathroom scales is our Editor’s Choice. The brand has a great reputation for top-quality products, which is reflected in the range of features. It is an excellent pick if you’re looking to track your body weight alongside other key health statistics. 

The Etekcity Smart Bathroom Scales can accurately measure 13 different biometric inputs. So whether you are interested in monitoring your body fat, bone density, muscle mass or metabolic age, this set of scales does all this and more. The double increment display is also very precise, which is great for recording your progress over time. Body composition measurements are taken using an imperceptible electric current that travels through your tissues. While it is safe for healthy individuals, it can be turned off if necessary.

Another great feature is the baby and pet weighing mode. This mode allows you to easily weigh other little family members and monitor their health. For your convenience, every measurement can also be synced and recorded with some smartphone apps like Apple Health and Fitbit.


  • Choice of 13 biometric measurements
  • High accuracy
  • Baby and pet weighing mode
  • Syncs with many smartphone apps
  • Option to turn off electric current


  • It may not be suitable for those with some health conditions
  • The range of biometric options could be overwhelming

Withings Body+ (Luxury Choice)

With a sleek, attractive design and a range of useful features, it’s a great pick if you’re conscious of both looks and functionality. This set of scales offers the option to connect up to 8 different users, which is perfect for busy households. Each user can easily store their health data and measurements separately. 

They are smart enough to recognise each individual when they step onto them, thus saving you from having to switch profiles every time you want to take a reading. The Withings Body+ also boasts a vast range of biometric options, so you can closely track your health and fitness. Aside from simple body weight, you can also check your BMI, body fat percentage, body water and even your bone and muscle mass. These stats help monitor the results of a new exercise regime or let you keep an eye on your weight. 

A dedicated pregnancy tracker and baby mode are also valuable for expectant mothers and little family members. The scales are very easy to set up and use. The data is conveniently stored in the accompanying “Health Mate” app but can also be exported to most of the popular fitness apps via WiFi or Bluetooth.


  • It can be used by up to 8 people 
  • Tracks several biometric statistics
  • Pregnancy tracker
  • It comes with its own app
  • Connects easily to other health apps


  • The black version could get marked by fingerprints
  • It may have some pairing issues with third-party apps

Active Era Ultra Slim (Best Value)

Our best value pick combines a variety of basic features with a simple, easy-to-use design. This set of scales, crafted from strong tempered glass, is durable yet slimline. 

Its transparent footplate looks great in modern bathrooms, and it’s effortless to wipe clean after use. The body measurements are also very accurate for precise health tracking, thanks to several built-in sensors. The Active Eral is ideal for tracking your weight loss with a clear, bright digital display. Plus, the backlight illuminates the screen crisply, so you can view the reading even in a dim bathroom. 

To save battery life, this product self-calibrates and will only switch on when it senses your weight. Once the power starts to run low, it will also warn you, so you know it’s time to replace the batteries.


  • Slim tempered glass design
  • Easy to clean
  • The backlit screen is simple to read
  • Accurate sensors
  • Power-saving features


  • Body weight measurement only may be limiting for some
  • It may be slippery on some tile floors

Fitbit Aria Air Smart (Best for Weight Tracking)

This set of scales syncs with the app so you can monitor all your fitness goals in one place. Once you’ve added more than one weigh-in, you’ll be able to view a graph of your progress. 

Aside from linking to your mobile, the Fitbit Aria also clearly displays your weight or BMI on its built-in digital screen. The design is sleek and modern, so it will blend seamlessly into contemporary bathroom decor. 

Simple to set up, it is user-friendly and easy to operate. All you need to do is step onto it, and it turns itself on and sends the data to your Fitbit app immediately. It’s a fantastic choice for households with multiple people, too. Several users can track their stats at once without logging in and out.


  • Syncs with Fitbit app
  • Tracks weight and BMI
  • Easy to use
  • Sleek design
  • Allows multiple users


  • The choice of two metrics might be limiting
  • Only syncs with Fitbit

OMRON BF511 (Best for Accuracy)

It’s packed with features which make it great for fitness enthusiasts and casual users. This option can measure weight, BMI, body fat, skeletal muscle, visceral fat, and even resting metabolism. So whether you’re trying to lose fat, gain muscle mass or just keep an eye on your health, this is a useful tool. 

Readings are taken by stepping on the OMRON scale, holding the handle and raising your arms in front of you. The sensors in the handle use bioelectrical impedance to record your selected measurement. The final result is then shown in large, easy-to-read numbers on the integrated display. This feature comes in handy if you often find it difficult to see the screen on scales when looking down. 

This set of scales is suitable for the whole family, from six years and up, although some metrics are for adults only. It also comes with an in-depth instruction manual and batteries, so getting started is simple.


  • Tracks several different body metrics
  • Highly accurate sensors 
  • Results are shown on the handheld screen
  • Suitable for the whole family


  • Some might prefer app integration
  • It may not be suitable if you have limited arm mobility

Salter 145 (Best Anti-Slip)

Perfect if you need a set of sturdy scales, it has a specially designed firm base to keep you secure during use. The wide platform also provides plenty of room for your feet, so you can comfortably weigh yourself. As it has an analogue dial and pointer, no batteries are required, and it is simple to maintain. 

The readings are accurate and reliable for precise weight tracking up to 150kg. Furthermore, the dial displays metric and imperial measurements for ease of use. All markings on the generous dial are large, so you can read them clearly without stooping to get a closer look. The Salter 145 design is classic and simple, which makes this product a good addition to any bathroom.

These scales, crafted from tough plastic, are durable yet lightweight. Its anti-slip surface is also perfect for use with wet feet – great if you prefer to weigh yourself straight after a shower.


  • Classic, retro design 
  • Sturdy base 
  • Anti-slip foot mat
  • Wide foot platform
  • No batteries required


  • Some may prefer digital readings
  • The lack of other metrics may disappoint

Amazon Eono (Best Lightweight)

At just 100 grams, this model boasts a slimline design that looks modern and attractive but still has great durability. 

The tempered glass platform is strong enough to withstand weights up to 28 stone, making it suitable for most users. The Amazon Eono has an LED display seamlessly embedded into the glass that lights up when you step onto it. When turned off, the screen vanishes completely for a clean and glossy effect.

At 28 x 28 cm, it is a good size for all bathrooms. The footplate offers a generous amount of space, so you can stand on it comfortably when weighing yourself. It’s also very precise, thanks to the four high-spec sensors that can take readings within 0.1kg. Overall, it is straightforward to use. It features auto-calibration for simple setup and overload alerts to prevent accidental damage to the mechanisms inside.


  • Very lightweight
  • Sleek design 
  • Durable tempered glass plate
  • Four high-accuracy sensors


  • The glass may show fingerprints
  • The lack of features may bother some users

How to Choose a Bathroom Scale

Before you take the plunge and order your new bathroom scales, take some time to check out our buyer’s guide. Here we detail the key features to consider when making your purchase, so you can be sure to select the right model for your health and fitness needs.


The scales’ design depends on your desires and overall space. For example, a slimline, tempered glass model will look great in a modern bathroom. However, it may be more slippery than traditional designs with rubber foot mats. 

On the other hand, analogue scales do not require batteries and can last a long time, but they don’t offer the range of biometrics that digital alternatives can.  


Digital scales are often the most accurate option – these can be very precise (to as little as 0.1kg bodyweight or more). Analogue models are not necessarily inaccurate, but the specific reading can be more difficult to see.

For biometric measurements, such as BMI, body fat and skeletal muscle, it’s best to look for scales that use high-quality current impedance sensors. These will ensure you are getting the most accurate readings.


Do you need to know your body water and base metabolism, or are you just looking to keep an eye on your body weight? Take the time to consider which body measurements are important to you and focus on those. Some bathroom scales boast a huge variety of biometric readings and WiFi connectivity. However, if this isn’t that important, you’re better off opting for a simpler model. 


Some digital scales are capable of connecting wirelessly to apps on your mobile device and storing your health data automatically. This can be very useful for tracking your progress and viewing the data as a graph or report. 

Ease of Use

Analogue scales will give you a simple body weight reading when you step onto them. Some digital models will automatically turn on and do this, too. It could get a little more complicated when measuring other body biometrics. If you are looking to monitor several different body factors, choose one that makes the task of switching between modes easy to understand. For units that also sync to apps, check the user reviews to see how intuitive this process really is.


Our top pick and Editor’s Choice is the Etekcity Precision Digital Bathroom Scales. They pack a range of useful features into an attractive design that looks great in any bathroom. Capable of measuring 13 different biometrics, this set of scales is perfect for the fitness fanatic or armchair enthusiast alike. The option to sync your readings to many popular health apps ensures you can track your health progress easily. Unlimited users can enjoy it, and the readings are reliably accurate, too.

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