Best Bath Towels

Best Bath Towels

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Crucial for any bathroom experience, a good set of bath towels is an essential addition to any home. These items should be both absorbent and comfortable, as well as perfectly sized to meet their purpose. To help you pick the ideal solutions, we’ve created this list with some of the most attractive options on the market.

How We Compared Bath Towels

To find the right bath towels, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Design
  • Materials
  • Durability
  • Versatility

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews, and comparing features to come up with this list.

Bath Towel Reviews

Utopia Premium (Editor’s Choice)

These premium quality bath towels are thick, ultra-absorbent, and manufactured with 100% ring-spun cotton. Elegant and functional, the products come in a range of colours to suit your bathroom décor. They look fantastic, with a beautiful stripe finish on the bottom and top. They feel amazing, too, with a soft texture.

These Utopia Towels Premium sheets are great for soaking up moisture fast with organic, environmentally-friendly materials. The double-stitched hemmed finish offers amazing durability, while the terry cloth is quick-drying, so you can wash and reuse them immediately. These towels are suitable for washing in a machine and can be tumble dried at low temperatures.

Long-lasting and resilient, the bathroom accessories have the same consistent texture on both sides. They’re also fantastic for providing full-body coverage, measuring 180cm in length and 90cm in width. Each package includes two matching sheets.


  • Thick and durable ring-spun cotton
  • Exceptional finish in multiple colours
  • Quick drying and easy to maintain
  • Plenty of full-body coverage
  • Ultra-soft skin-friendly texture


  • The towels could create a lot of lint
  • The cotton may fray with regular washing

White Classic 700 GSM (Luxury Choice)

Each towel in this pack of four high-quality sheets is spun from stunning 700 GSM long-staple cotton. This ensures you get a lightweight, comfortable, and wonderfully absorbent experience. Generously sized at 68 x 137 cm, they also offer great coverage for adults and children and come in various classic colours.

With an attractive embroidered finish, these White Classic 700 GSM towels look and feel phenomenal. The professional-quality products are brilliant for soaking up moisture quickly and have an exceptional loft to give users a spa-like experience. The long-lasting fibres throughout these towels are also quick drying, so you can wash and reuse them without waiting for days.

Easy to maintain and care for, these items are machine-washable and designed to withstand regular use. The robust hems on all sides of the fabric help keep the cotton from fraying without detracting from the beautiful texture.


  • Various classic colours to choose from
  • 700 GSM cotton with high loft
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Lightweight and quick-drying
  • Great absorption potential


  • The towels may have some loose thread ends
  • They may be too small for some users

X11 Homeware Egyptian (Best Value)

Simple and elegant, these towels are ideal for adding a splash of colour and comfort to your bathroom. There are various shades to choose from, with long-lasting fibres. The heavyweight blended Egyptian cotton in each of these sheets offers an outstanding balance of softness, absorbency, and durability.

These X11 Homeware Egyptian bath towels could be the perfect choice if you’re looking for hardwearing and attractive bathroom accessories. They come in a pack of two, and each sheet measures 145 x 75cm for plenty of coverage. The items are also machine washable and suitable for tumble drying at low temperatures for quick and convenient maintenance.

The 600 GSM cotton provides a lovely spa-like experience, while the extremely absorbent terry-like cloth soaks up moisture in seconds. The ring-spun material also maintains its fluffy and skin-friendly texture after regular washing.


  • Wide range of colour choices
  • Good coverage for wrapping around your body
  • 600 GSM Egyptian cotton
  • Soft and fluffy texture
  • Suitable for machine washing and tumble drying


  • The towels could shed some loose fibres
  • The single hem may be prone to fraying

Todd Linens 10-Piece (Best for Variety)

This could be the perfect product for you if you need a comprehensive range of towels for your bathroom. The 500 GSM cotton sheets offer excellent absorption rates without compromising on soft texture or style. Various sizes are included, from flannels for cleaning your face to full bath towels and hand-drying cloth. The set also comes wrapped in a luxurious ribbon.

Made with 100% spun double-loop cotton, the Todd Linens 10-piece collection is gentle on the skin and resilient. Available in two colours, there are four face towels, four hand options and two large bath sheets in each bale. They feature a minimalist solid pattern, which works well with all interior décor schemes. Additionally, the material is suitable for tumble drying.

The reliable structure of these towels means you can quickly absorb moisture in bathrooms and kitchens in no time. Moreover, the products are surprisingly lightweight, so they won’t take up too much space in your washing machine.


  • Versatile 10-piece collection
  • Highly absorbent 500 GSM cotton
  • Wrapped in a ribbon for gifting
  • Solid, minimalistic pattern
  • Suitable for tumble drying


  • The bath towels may be too small for some adults
  • The dye colours might run

Polyte Quick Dry (Best for Softness)

These unique bath towels come in a pack of four to ensure you never run out of comfortable ways to dry off after a shower. With various colours to choose from, the beautiful microfibre sheets are excellent for adding a touch of style to your bathroom. They are also wonderfully skin-friendly and can absorb moisture rapidly without excessive scrubbing.

The Polyte Quick Dry towels have a long pile on one side and a shorter pile on the other, so you can find the perfect solution for your needs. The unique fabric is excellent for sensitive skin and maintains warmth after you finish cleaning. A larger 76 x 145cm surface area also means you can wrap the sheet around your entire body at once.

A stylish satin trim makes these stunning products look professionally crafted and elegant. Moreover, the lightweight material can easily fold down into a compact size, which is ideal for transportation when camping, visiting the gym, or going to the beach.


  • Compact, lightweight, and portable
  • Quick drying technology
  • Extra-soft microfibre structure for sensitive skin
  • Larger size for full body coverage
  • Multiple colour options to choose from


  • The towels may lose their shape with regular washing
  • Some users may find them too thin

Welhome Franklin (Best Sustainable)

This comprehensive set of towels includes size options for your face, hands, and entire body. Various colour schemes are available to match your interior décor, and all products are Oeko-Tex certified. These items are also “Made in Green”, which means they’ve been thoroughly tested for any presence of harmful substances and are manufactured using sustainable processes.

If you’re looking for a set of attractive eco-friendly towels, this Welhome Franklin kit could be the best choice. Woven with 100% absorbent cotton, they are made with the longest and finest fibres for durability and comfort. The 600 GSM structure provides a luxurious and plush feeling when wrapped around your body. The sheets also have a fantastic contemporary popcorn texture, similar to what you might see at a spa.

These heavyweight and resilient options absorb moisture quickly and are easy to look after, too. They can be machine-washed with similar colours. They’re also suitable for tumble drying at lower temperatures.


  • Complete set of different sizes
  • Made in Green for sustainable results
  • 100% absorbent 600 GSM cotton
  • Contemporary popcorn texture with a soft feel
  • Machine washable and suitable for tumble drying


  • The bath sheet may be a little small for some users
  • The texture could be rough before washing

Amazon Basics Everyday (Best for Regular Use)

Soft on the skin and great for everyday use, these simple towels come in a set with two options for your hands, two for your entire body, and two extra washcloths. There are various beautiful colours to choose from to match your home design. Additionally, each of these products is made with 100% cotton to help rapidly absorb moisture and protect your skin.

This Amazon Basics Everyday collection features a classic, modern style that adds a polished finish to your bathroom. The soft texture is fantastic for sensitive skin, kids and adults alike. Moreover, they are machine washable for easy maintenance and suitable for tumble drying at low temperatures. As a bonus, these pieces are OEKO-TEX certified.

With a durable and reliable construction built to last, these home accessories are created to maintain their appearance and softness for their entire lifespan. The thick pile weave even helps to keep you warm and cosy when stepping out of the tub.


  • Soft and skin-friendly texture
  • OEKO-TEX certified for peace of mind
  • Various classic colours available
  • Machine washable and tumble-dryer friendly
  • Rapid absorption with 100% cotton


  • The hand towels might be a bit small for some 
  • The colours could deteriorate over time

How to Choose Bath Towels

The ideal bath towels will provide you and your family with a comfortable and absorbent solution for drying off after a shower. The best products for you will feel fantastic on your skin and look amazing when placed alongside your other bathroom décor. When picking the right option for your home, it’s important to think carefully about your aesthetic, specific requirements, and even the sizing of your sheets.

Here are some top factors to address when narrowing down your solutions.


The appearance of your bath towels will make a huge difference to the overall appeal of your bathroom. Today’s products can come in a range of styles and colours to suit every personality. There are even patterned options available too.

When examining the design of your accessories, it’s also worth considering your sheets’ structure. Extra double-hemmed stitching around the edges can reduce fraying and may assist in ensuring the material retains its shape.


Most bath towels feature high-quality cotton to help absorb moisture quickly while minimising skin discomfort. Ring-spun solutions can provide an extra level of luxury, and some products also come with high GSM Egyptian cotton for a thick and fluffy texture.

The materials you select for your bath towels will also vary depending on how you plan on using these items. Lightweight microfibre options can be a fantastic alternative to thicker solutions if you’re looking for something easy to transport and fold.


Long-lasting quality is important when selecting bathroom accessories. The right materials should contribute to the longevity of your products, but it’s also worth paying attention to how easy it is to preserve the items you purchase.

Machine-washable fabrics which maintain their shape and texture after regular cleaning can be particularly useful for families. It’s also worth looking into whether your products are tumble-dryer friendly, so you can get them ready for reuse quickly.


If you’re searching for a complete collection of solutions for your bathroom, it may be helpful to go for a towel set rather than a single product. This will give you more freedom to choose between a wide variety of hand, face, and body-sized sheets.


Our top pick from this list is the attractive Utopia Towels Premium set. The ultra-thick and absorbent sheets feature 100% ring-spun cotton for an elegant and functional result. With various colours to choose from, homeowners can find the solution best suited to their home décor. These products feel fantastic, too, thanks to their organic, sustainable, and beautiful fibres.

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