Best Angle Grinders

Best Angle Grinders

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Angle grinders are highly versatile tools that you can use to execute various tasks. They are ideal for grinding and cutting materials such as concrete, metal, tile, and masonry and make light work of paint and rust removal. In addition, these helpful devices are suitable for sharpening, sanding, and polishing surfaces. Regardless of how you plan to employ your new instrument, there are plenty of options with various traits to accommodate different needs and types of work. This article explores top products and examines their key features to help you determine which selection will best match your requirements and provide you with an optimal level of performance.

How We Compared Angle Grinders

To find the right angle grinders, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Performance
  • Ease of Use
  • Comfort
  • Included Accessories

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

Angle Grinder Reviews

Ryobi R18AG-0 ONE+ (Editor’s Choice)

This device easily tackles light to medium DIY cutting tasks. Its cordless design is extremely versatile, making it ideal for attacking metal, masonry, or cement and perfect for car maintenance like removing rust as well. 

The Ryobi R18AG-0 ONE+ Angle Grinder body is equipped with 18V power and a no-load speed of up to 7,500 RPM. It has a non-lockable switch with two stages for enhanced protection while in service and to prevent unplanned start-ups. Conveniently, a spindle lock and a toolless wheel guard enable quick and straightforward adjustments, further improving user ease. 

A three-position auxiliary handle on this selection facilitates advanced comfort and control while performing various tasks. It features a Gripzone over mould with a unique texture to help reduce fatigue when operated for prolonged periods. Additionally, it is built to be compatible with other tools in its same family to help you cut down on accessories in your instrument collection.


  • Highly adaptable design 
  • Comfortable textured grip
  • Safe non-locking switch 
  • Simple and fast adjustments
  • Adjustable handle improves control


  • It might not be ideal for heavy-duty jobs
  • This pick could be longer than other models 
  • It may require you to purchase a battery separately

DEWALT DCG405N (Luxury Choice)

This tool makes an outstanding choice if you desire a top-quality accessory to help you achieve various tasks. It has a bold yellow and black body and is well-equipped to meet your needs. 

The DEWALT DCG405N Angle Grinder is brushless, often leading to a longer usable lifespan and better overall performance. It is compatible with 125mm attachments and is powered by 18V, which is suitable for accomplishing various grinding and cutting jobs. 

This device measures 13 x 33 x 16 cm, providing you with a manageable unit overall. It utilises an AC power source which most people find pretty accommodating. An alloy steel build rounds out this product’s features and contributes to dependability and durability as a whole. 


  • 125mm specification
  • Brushless model 
  • Alloy steel construction
  • 18V of power
  • Top-quality option


  • It might be a bit noisier than other selections
  • This pick may consume a considerable amount of battery while in use
  • It could require a separate battery to function 


This unit is highly competent and convenient, with a durable and long-lasting build. It is capable of performing various grinding and cutting jobs, and its 115mm disc size is accommodating in tight spaces. 

The BLACK+DECKER Angle Grinder features a metal gear housing and is powered by a 710W motor with a no-load speed of 12,000 RPM. It makes light work of trimming stone slabs, metal pipes, and ceramic floor tiles and excels at paint and rust removal. A soft start minimises movement when you activate the device, and a compact diameter overall ensures a better grip.  

This selection’s handle has multiple position options, facilitating two-handed operation and enhanced safety and control while in use. It is also equipped with a lock-on function and comes with a set of five discs plus a guard for simplified use. 


  • Fosters longevity and durability
  • Several discs included
  • Improved safety and control
  • Suitable for various applications
  • Facilitates versatile handle positioning


  • It might overheat quicker than expected
  • This pick may not be as powerful as other models 
  • It could have a relatively shorter lifespan 

Bosch Professional GWS (Best for Performance)

This tool is highly functional and easily accomplishes a variety of tasks. It is lightweight, powerful, and has enhanced features that improve practicality overall. 

Bosch Professional GWS Angle Grinder has a no-load speed of 10,000 RPM and accommodates a 125mm cutting and grinding disc diameter. It has proCORE 18V battery technology and a new EC motor to facilitate longer run times and more power. This device is ideal for grinding corners and edges and perfect for cutting pipes. In addition, it makes quick cuts on wood or parquet and can be handy for bathroom and repair work. 

An intelligent brake system and kickback control enhance the overall execution of this tool. It also has a slim design that is lightweight to promote optimal convenience while in use. 


  • Accomplishes various tasks with ease
  • Enables long run times 
  • Excellent functionality and convenience 
  • Powerful by design
  • Lightweight build


  • The battery and charger may need to be purchased separately
  • It may not be ideal for professional use
  • The gears could be relatively noisy

Makita DGA504Z (Best for Ease of Use)

Cordless, compact, and lightweight, this selection promotes simple operation. Its gear housing can be rotated, and the handle can be installed on either side to facilitate better access to work. 

The Makita DGA504Z Angle Grinder features an 18V brushless motor that enables speeds up to 8,500 RPM. Its design is well-suited to heavy-duty grinding applications. The build permits a 125mm wheel diameter with a maximum thickness of 6mm, and its spindle lock allows easy and quick wheel changes. 

This tool’s automatic torque drive technology and speed control facilitate better performance and real-time adjustments based on the load condition. It also contains a soft start, anti-restart and lock-on function with a slide-type switch for straightforward functionality. Finally, this device gives you the option to connect it to a dust extraction system for enhanced versatility. 


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Suitable for heavy-duty use 
  • Simple operation
  • Adjustable handle and rotating housing 
  • Fast wheel changes 


  • It might have a shorter lifespan
  • The charger and battery may need to be purchased separately 
  • It could drain the battery somewhat quickly

Einhell TE-AG (Best for Beginners)

The robust design of this product is up to almost any challenge. It provides you with wireless freedom and, weighing 3.69 kg, is one of the lightest options compared to similar models.

The Einhell TE-AG Angle Grinder has an 18V motor that reaches speeds up to 8,500 RPM. It has a cordless design and a 4.0 Ah Power X-Change battery and charger that are compatible with other products in the same family are supplied. It accommodates discs up to 115mm and has a 28mm maximum cutting depth. This device features top-quality gearbox housing and is remarkably durable overall. It allows for a powerful transmission, running smoothness, and a soft start function to protect the motor and battery.

Other items in this kit include an additional handle with a spanner that can be positioned in three ways, a guard, one cutting disc, a flap wheel, and a carry bag for storage. As a whole, this unit establishes the ultimate level of safety thanks to its integrated cutting disc, restart, and overload protection. 


  • Lightweight and cordless for unrestricted use
  • A comprehensive collection of accessories
  • Tough build 
  • Powerful and smooth
  • Enhanced safety features


  • It may not be well-suited for professionals
  • The switch could be somewhat fiddly
  • It might not be ideal for prolonged use 

VonHaus (Best for Sturdiness)

This pick makes easy work of substrate tasks like stone, ceramic tile, steel, and other metals. It comes with an accessory kit and a slim yet powerful build that causes it to be a must-have tool. 

The VonHaus Angle Grinder has a robust 900W motor and enables 12,000 RPM for rapid rotation speed and smooth, precise cuts. It is compatible with 125 and 115-mm implements and comes with seven essential cutting and finishing utensils. In addition, a robust moulded plastic case is included for carrying and organising all the pieces. 

A three-way repositionable handle on this device facilitates operation without strain, regardless of where you are standing. Accidental restart prevention and a safety cover are also added to the design for enhanced security.


  • Multi-position handle for user ease
  • Seven common discs included
  • Versatile cutting capability
  • Convenient and rugged carry case 
  • Powerful motor and rapid speeds


  • It might be less suited to prolonged use 
  • The guard could become loose somewhat easily
  • It may not be ideal for shaping wood 

How to Choose an Angle Grinder

Selecting the best angle grinder is easier if you know which traits lead to enhanced performance. The following sections examine prominent characteristics found in products to help you gain a better understanding of your options and also to ensure you know what to expect from a particular tool. To choose the ideal device, prioritise the features that bring you the most value.


The best angle grinders will provide you with an elevated level of performance, often achieved by a powerful and durable build. Most products can accomplish various tasks and manipulate a myriad of materials. However, some models are better suited to heavy-duty work than others. If you plan on using your new device for DIY jobs and only have light to medium expectations, you should still consider ability, but a less robust unit may suffice. A stronger selection is desirable for more labour-intensive projects, like cutting through concrete slabs. 

Ease of Use 

Ease of use is another highly advantageous trait in angle grinders. Working with a heavy-duty tool requires special attention and care, so the ability to operate a selection easily adds a lot of value to the overall experience. In order to streamline functionality, many products boast a cordless design that does not limit you to a restricted space. In addition, many options facilitate the easy exchange of cutting and grinding discs and a reasonable level of adjustability to accommodate varying needs. 


You should also prioritise the ability to hold and operate an angle grinder comfortably. Otherwise, it is likely your arm and hand will start to experience fatigue sooner than anticipated. Look for models with well-designed handles to ensure a reasonable amount of reassurance while you work. Many devices feature grips that can be positioned in multiple ways to enhance relief and also to enable better access to tight spaces. Some units also add a textured feel to the holding portion to make them more accommodating overall. 

Included Accessories

In addition to the main housing, many angle grinders come with one or more accessories. The most common supplemental pieces include a battery with a charger and a collection of cutting and grinding discs. Keep in mind that some models only supply the body with purchase, so make sure to acquire any additional items you may need as well so that you can start using your new tool without delay.  


The Ryobi R18AG-0 ONE+ Angle Grinder is built to facilitate advanced versatility. Its highly adaptable, cordless design features 18V of power and a no-load speed of 7,500 RPM. The configuration is ideal for cutting metal, masonry, or cement and perfect for car maintenance, like removing rust. It has an adjustable handle to improve control, and thanks to a comfortable textured grip, it also reduces fatigue while in use and is accommodating to prolonged use. This device also has a two-grade non-locking switch to ensure safety and prevent unwanted activation. Overall, this selection facilitates simple and fast adjustments and operation, making it a fantastic choice for most light to medium DIY tasks.

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