Best 32-Inch TVs

A TV is considered an essential appliance in modern homes, allowing you to wind down and enjoy movies, your favourite series, and even some games. TVs come in quite a large variety of sizes, with 32-inch TVs often looked at as the sweet spot when it comes to balance. Even though there are many 32-inch TVs to choose from, some can provide you with more functions and better visuals. We decided to compile a guide with the best TVs that feature a 32-inch screen to help you make a more informed decision during the buying process.

1. TCL 32P500K 32-Inch LED Smart Android TV HD (Top Pick)

Smart TV

A television that uses Android TV as an operating system. The use of an operating system adds several smart features to the TV, offering greater versatility in what you can do. The smart TV features a wide range of applications that you can use to stream music and videos, including Netflix and YouTube. These 32-inch TVs come with built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, making it easy to wirelessly communicate with the device. The Wi-Fi also allows you to connect the TV to your home network. There are two HDMI ports, as well as a USB port. The TV features a narrow design to fit smaller spaces.


2. RCA RB32H1-UK 32 inch HD LED TV with HDMI and USB connection
(Best With Tuner)

TV With Digital Tuner

A multifunctional TV that you can use for both standard television channels, as well as HDMI devices. The TV comes with wireless remote control. The use of LED technology provides vivid colours and a richer display on the screen. The TV features a built-in hotel mode. There are two HDMI ports. The TV also comes with a USB port that can be used for thumb drives that contain video or audio files. A stand is included with the TV. There is a built-in tuner system on the TV to help you tune in to your favourite local channels.


3. Cello C3220G 32” Smart Android TV
(Best Freeview TV)

Multifunctional TV

The large variety of functions that come with this TV gives you more entertainment options to explore. The TV also provides support for Freeview Play. These 32-inch TVs provide a multifunctional solution that turns into the ultimate entertainment centre. The device offers support for Google Chromecast while also featuring integration with Google Assistant. With three HDMI ports, you can connect a wider variety of devices to the TV at the same time. The TV also has two USB ports.

4. Sharp 1T C32BB3IE1NB 32 Inch TV ( Best LED)

Vivid Display

This TV was produced to provide higher quality visuals, thanks to the use of LED technology on the screen. The TV offers support for full HD resolution. A TV that focuses on your viewing experience, featuring HD visuals, with high-quality speakers. The TV comes with Harmon/Kardon speakers and supports Dolby Digital. There are two USB ports, along with three HDMI ports. The TV has support for Freeview HD as well. An Energy Class F rating helps to reduce your electricity usage while enjoying some time in front of the TV.


5.HISENSE 32A5600FTUK 32-inch Full HD 1080P Smart TV (Best HD)

1080p TV

By providing support for full 1080p HD resolution, you get a greater experience when watching high-definition films. The TV features a built-in smart operating system. The app store on these 32-inch TVs gives you access to Netflix, Freeview, and a number of other streaming services. The built-in decoders allow you to watch Freeview HD without any additional effort. USB playback is supported through the appropriate ports, while the TV also allows you to connect multiple HDMI input devices. Two models are available, allowing you to choose an option that is more suitable for your preferences.

6. Philips 32PHT5505/12 32-Inch LED TV
(Best Display)

Pixel Plus TV

The Pixel Plus display technology used in this TV enhances the quality of all your visuals. The TV offers different types of ports to support a wider range of appliances. A glossy black finish on the frame of these 32-inch TVs add to the aesthetics it brings to your home. The TV can display visuals in HD resolution. Multiple input ports can be found on the back, including HDMI, PC-In, USB, and VGA ports. Remote control is also included with the TV for easier configuration.

7. JVC LT-32CF600 Fire TV Edition 32” Smart HD Ready LED TV (Best Fire Television)

TV With Fire Support

An official Fire TV that provides support for a wide range of TV-based applications. You can easily download Disney+, Netflix, Prime Video, and other streaming services. Smart functionality in this TV gives you more choices, while also allowing you to stream content by simply connecting the device to your internet connection. LED technology is used in the display. The TV offers both wall-mounted and freestanding options, with a removable stand at the bottom. In addition to the remote control, the TV also supports a mobile app, as well as voice commands.


8. Ferguson 32” LED TV With DVD Player (Best For DVDs)

TV With DVD Support

A unique approach to the design of TVs, featuring a built-in DVD player to keep you entertained. The TV comes in three sizes, allowing more versatility when choosing a suitable option. These 32-inch TVs are manufactured by a local British company. The Energy Class A rating means the TV uses significantly less power compared to some of the other models. There are three HDMI input ports at the back of the TV. You can also slide a DVD directly into the TV, thanks to the slot on the side. The TV provides support for widescreen resolutions. It also comes with Freeview T2 HD.


Benefits Of 32-Inch TVs

Perfect Balance

TVs that have a screen size lower than 32 inches are often considered too small, making it harder to truly enjoy the visuals displayed. On the other hand, opting for a TV with a bigger screen can become invasive when you have little space available in the room. This is why a 32-inch is often considered the perfect balance. The screen size is big enough to provide a clear view of the visuals you are displaying without having a TV that takes up too much space on your countertop. 


Multiple Input Options

All of the modern 32-inch TVs will give you access to multiple inputs, which greatly expands the options you have when connecting devices to the TV. The inclusion of HDMI ports on the TV lets you connect Blu-Ray players, gaming consoles, TV boxes, and several other devices. RCA inputs are also featured on these TVs, allowing you to connect some of your older equipment up to the device. 


HD Graphics

Another thing that most modern 32-inch TVs offer support for is full HD visuals. This gives you a resolution of 1920 x 1080, which is the standard for HD, also known as 1080p. The resolution provides a significant improvement in visuals, allowing you to enjoy your favourite movies and games in high definition. While the resolution does depend on the input you are using, having this particular compatibility can prove to be exceptionally useful. 


Remote Control

When you opt for a 32-inch TV, you’ll find that the device comes with remote control. This is a relatively compact accessory that allows you to control the TV without getting up from the couch. These remote controls generally offer all of the functionality you would need in order to switch channels, adjust the volume, choose the correct input, and more. 


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