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Vintage style home accessories? Something a little different? Come on in!

At House Junkie, we have a passion for vintage homewares and believe they are what can set the tone for the interior décor of any home. We provide vintage homeware that transforms any room from just four walls, a floor and a ceiling, to a unified space standing together as one.

We strive to offer vintage homeware that has the wow factor, and a selection for every interior design vision.

No matter your needs, we are confident we have them covered. Take a look at our range and you will be pleasantly surprised by the diversity of designs, styles, colours and materials on offer.

Vintage Home Accessories from House Junkie:

Interior home accessories influenced by vintage styles are a beautiful addition to any home. They can complement your current interior or set a whole new feel to the environment. Whether your home has a traditional, modern, contemporary, or retro feel, we have the home accessories you want.

Our selection of vintage homeware includes the following:

  • Clocks
  • Cushions
  • Glass wear
  • Hangers and hooks
  • Tea cups and pots
  • Vases (ceramic, glass, porcelain)
  • Wicker laundry hampers
  • Wire

Home Accessories That People Will Notice:

Your home accessories are what complete the atmosphere. We have a wide range of vintage home accessories that look stylish in any home. They will provide the classy finishing touches to your interior design vision.
We offer:

  • Mirrors
  • Original art
  • Ornaments
  • Photo frames (brass, metal)
  • Screen prints
  • Street signs
  • Typography
  • Wall decals and prints

Why is our vintage homeware in such high demand?

We take the vintage beauty and combine it with industrial strength materials, creating items that will hold their timeless beauty forever. Our range is deep and diverse, and we offer only the best; ensuring that you can trust the durability and quality of what you choose with us.