Are Work Boots Good for Motorcycle Riding?

You may be using a motorcycle when going to work. This normally brings up the question, are work boots good for motorcycle riding? You definitely want to avoid the hustle of changing from motorcycle boots to work boots. Maybe you always arrive just on time, and have no time to change your work boots. The answer is yes, actually work boots can be used for motorcycle riding.

Reasons You May Opt for Work Boots

1. Comfort

Work boots are more comfortable than motorcycle boots. One of the main reasons is because you’re already used to them. You wear them for a better part of your day, your feet are quite fond of them. You don’t have to sacrifice your comfort by changing to motorcycle boots. When it comes to motorcycle riding, being comfortable is key.

2. Save time

You may not have time to change boots during the day. It is very reasonable to ride with work boots, than embarrass yourself working with motorcycle riding boots. You don’t want your employers and colleagues, to get the wrong impression of you.

3. Save money

You may be on a budget and cannot simply afford motorcycle boots at the moment. Motorcycle boots are not cheap, as you have already found out. They come at a very hefty price and require sacrifice. You could use your work boots while saving money to purchase appropriate boots later on. Motorcycle boots are no doubt the best, however you can make use of what you have.

4. Habit

You may have started with work boots and are so addicted to them at this point. It has basically turned into a habit. You try motorcycle boots and it just doesn’t do it for you, you still prefer your work boots. In this case you could go on with your work boots, but try to integrate motorcycle boots slowly by wearing them from time to time

Disadvantages of using work boots

Yes, work boots can be used for motorcycle riding, however, they have a few disadvantages that you need to be aware of.

1. Not completely secure

Work boots are not as safe as motorcycle boots. They don’t have all the protective features of the actual motorcycle boots. Ankle and toe protection is not guaranteed when it comes to work boots. You have to be careful and avoid dangerous driving like over speeding and reckless overtaking.

2. Wear off faster

Because work boots are not designed for riding, continuous riding will lead to wear off. You may end up replacing them sooner. Motorcycle boots are designed to last longer and deal with harsh conditions. The only way to avoid this is by buying actual motorcycle boots.

Work boots can be used for motorcycle riding, as you already know right now. This, however, does not mean that you should not consider buying motorcycle boots. Safety is key, and they are definitely safer than work boots. It is therefore highly recommended because of the increased protection. Motorcycle riding can be dangerous and unpredictable, protective gear is very important.

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