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Wild Things Gift Wrap

Product Code [UNSUCKAGW]
You've bought the perfect present, now all you need to do is wrap it in awesomeness! Start by popping your amazing gift into a box and wrapping it in your choice of paper provided. Once you've covered the box, choose the eyes, nose and mouth from one of the sticker sheets, then get some scissors and cut out the ears, tail, feet, fins, flippers or hooves and hey-presto, you've got your very own creature to give to your nearest and dearest. 

Contains 8 sticker sheets, 5 cut out sheets and 6 sheets of wrapping paper.

Instructions to make 12 creatures.

If you want to add stripes, scales or spots, we recommend using a permanent marker as water based felt-tips may smudge. 

Glue, sticky tape, permanent pen and scissors are not included. 


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