Are Walking Boots Covered by Insurance?

Are walking boots covered by insurance? This is a question that many people find themselves asking if they suddenly end up in a situation where they need to have a walking boot in order to function in their daily life. However, there is no single answer that fits everyone across the board when it comes to this question. As is the case with a lot of insurance related questions, it depends on exactly what it is being used for and the situation of the person using it. It also largely depends on whether or not that person has insurance, not to mention how good the policy is.

When Can Insurance Cover Walking Boots?

Assume that you need a walking boot and you have insurance that is at least comparable to the average policy. In this particular case, it will come down to the reason that you are being prescribed a walking boot in the first place. For instance, is it being prescribed because there is a pressure ulcer on the bottom of the foot or to reduce edema? Is it being prescribed because you have just had orthopedic surgery or you have broken a bone and you need the walking boot in order for it to heal properly?

If you are being prescribed a walking boot to reduce edema or relieve a pressure ulcer, it is not going to be covered by insurance. In that case, you will have to shell out the money to pay for the boot yourself, usually somewhere around $500. However, if you have been prescribed such a device to help set a broken bone and allow it to heal or to stabilize a weak joint after orthopedic surgery, it should be covered under your policy.

The grey area happens for those individuals that have been prescribed a walking boot, yet none of these conditions really apply to them. Sometimes, a boot of this type is prescribed to eliminate inflammation as the direct result of nerve damage or something similar. In this case, it may or may not be covered by insurance. Most policies will probably not cover this particular circumstance but there are a few policies out there that will. In this particular case, it really comes down to the policy that you have so it is important to contact a representative with your insurance company and ask them whether or not the boot will be covered.


Remember, just because a walking boot has been prescribed by a physician, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is going to be covered by your insurance policy. Fortunately, there are certain things that you can do if you find yourself in a situation where you really need one that isn’t covered by your insurance and you don’t have money to pay for it. You might be able to work with your local doctor’s office or hospital to get the equipment you need. More than likely, you can get one from your local medical equipment store and set up payment arrangements so that you can get the equipment you need without waiting several months to do so.

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