Best Inflatable Mattress Reviews UK 2021 – Top 10 Comparison


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Top 3 Best Inflatable Mattresses

  1. Active Era Premium (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Active Era Advanced (Luxury Choice)
  3. Pavillo Quick Inflation (Best Value)

Inflatable air mattresses have many uses. They can easily be taken on a camping trip, used as a guest bed, or even used as a temporary solution before investing in a more expensive traditional mattress. However, finding the right air mattress isn’t always easy due to their increased fragility and tendency to pop or slowly deflate over time. That’s why we created this list to find the best inflatable mattress in the UK to help point you in the right direction and eliminate some of the probable guesswork.

Best Inflatable Mattress Reviews – Top 10 Picks

Active Era Premium (Editor’s Choice)

The Active Era Premium is our top choice for the best blow-up mattress. We chose this as our Editor’s Choice because of its added support and long-lasting durability. It is a UK king size and has an eight centimetre raised pillow rim to enhance comfort and spinal alignment while you sleep.

Each Active Era Premium king size air bed features a built-in electric pump powered by mains as well as an additional manual valve option. They take three minutes to fully inflate using the built-in pump. 35 internal air coils have been incorporated into the design to increase support and it stands 48 centimetres tall.

The Active Era Premium air mattress has a 250-kilogram weight limit accompanying its five-gauge puncture-resistant PVC material. This air bed is also waterproof, including the flocked top, making it a great choice for camping as well as for indoor use. The Premium air bed also comes with a 12-month warranty which is a huge perk for an inflatable bed.

Be aware, the Premium air bed only has one chamber so you can expect some motion transfer. It also has a fairly noisy pump and may need to be topped off with additional air occasionally.


  • 35 air coils
  • One year warranty
  • Built-in pump and manual valve
  • Waterproof flocked top
  • 3 minute inflation time


  • Loud pump
  • May need topping off occasionally
  • Single chamber

Active Era Advanced (Luxury Choice)

Active Era’s Advanced blow-up bed is our top luxury choice due to its enhanced support and comfortability. It has a built-in pillow and comes in a UK king size.

The Active Era Advanced air bed features a rapid three minute inflation time via its built-in electric pump that connects to mains. It also has an optional manual inflation valve for use outside the home. To enhance support, the Advanced air bed features six I-Beams that mimic the support found on a traditional mattress.

The Advanced king size air bed has a 295kg weight limit making it good for more than one person at a time. It is 56cm tall making it easier to get into and out of and has a waterproof flocked top.

The pillow on this air bed may be too tall for some and it arrives with an initial odour that needs to be aired out. Also, the pump and cord are located at the foot of the bed which is odd considering it needs to be plugged in to inflate and deflate.


  • Advanced support
  • Rapid inflation
  • 295kg weight limit
  • Built-in pillow
  • Electric and manual inflation option


  • Pillow too high for some
  • Initial odour
  • Electric cord and pump at the foot of the bed

Pavillo Quick Inflation (Best Value)

Our top choice for the best value is the Pavillo air bed. It is available in single, double, queen, and king sizes.

Each Pavillo air bed features a flocked top for increased comfort and a coil beam internal construction for added support. They can accommodate up to 150 kilograms of weight at one time and come with a heavy-duty self-adhesive patch just in case of a puncture.

Pavillo air mattresses measure only 12cm tall making them compact and easy to transport when deflated. They also feature a screw valve to make inflation and deflation faster and easier.

Pavillo air mattresses do not come with a pump or warranty included. The reduced weight limit makes them best for only one person at a time, they are not waterproof, and the low height could be difficult for someone with limited mobility.


  • Excellent value
  • Coil beam construction
  • Easy to transport
  • Flocked top
  • Multiple sizes


  • Low height
  • Pump not included
  • Not waterproof

Bestway Tritech (Best for Couples)

The Bestway Tritech air bed has an elevated weight limit of 300kg making it a great choice for larger and heavier individuals. It comes in a double size and has a low pillow incorporated into the design.

The Bestway Tritech air bed features a flocked top to prevent slippage and comes with a travel bag and a heavy-duty repair kit. It stands 46cm tall which is usually enough to keep a draft off you while you sleep and has a four-minute inflation time using the built-in electric pump.

The durable I-Beam construction of the Tritech air bed provides ample support backed by a one year warranty. It also features dual chambers to reduce motion transfer with two people.

Bestway Tritech air beds do not have a manual inflation valve for a foot pump, are not waterproof, and the pillow is pretty low so you may want to use your own, especially if you sleep on your side.


  • 300kg weight limit
  • Two-chamber construction
  • Built-in pillow
  • One year warranty
  • 46cm loft


  • No manual inflation valve
  • Not waterproof
  • Low pillow

Sable SA-HF003 (Best Double)

The Sable SA-HF003 air mattress is the best double airbed on our list due to its elevated weight limit and enhanced support system. It comes in a UK double size.

This Sable air bed has a 46cm loft, a built-in electric pump, a manual valve for versatile inflation. They take approximately five minutes to fully inflate and have a thick puncture-resistant flocked top paired with an anti-skid bottom for wood or other hard-surfaced floors that are slicker than carpet. Enhanced support is brought to you by way of the incorporated coil beam construction which helps distribute your weight more evenly than an open compartment would.

The Sable SA-HF003 air bed features an elevated 300kg weight capacity and a one year warranty that can be extended to 30 months if you register your product online after arrival, and come with a convenient carrying bag for storage.

Sable SA-HF003 air beds do not feature a built-in pillow and are not waterproof. They also have minimal edge support so they may not be ideal for two people.


  • Extended warranty
  • 300kg weight limit
  • Anti-skid bottom
  • Coil beam construction
  • Puncture resistant


  • No pillow
  • Not waterproof
  • Poor edge support

Livivo Portable

Livivo portable air beds are a great choice for anyone seeking added edge support, a sturdy base, or the best single airbed. They are available in a UK double or single air bed size.

The Livivo double air bed features a thick waterproof flocked top and an integrated coil support system with a double-layer base. The added material in the base, when paired with the coils, aims to increase durability and prevent an uneven sleeping surface. In addition, a raised edge improves extra edge support and prevents you from rolling or sliding off of the sides easily. For a double air bed, the LIVIVO also has an impressive maximum weight capacity of 295kg.

Each Livivo double air bed has a built-in electric pump with a manual valve to increase inflation versatility. Utilizing the pump, it takes approximately four minutes to fully inflate to its maximum loft of 47cm. It also comes with a convenient carry bag.

Livivo air beds do not come with a warranty or a built-in pillow. There are also reports of these air beds losing air over time so you may need to add air occasionally.


  • Waterproof flocked top
  • Added edge support
  • 295kg weight limit
  • Double-layer base
  • Single or double air bed sizes


  • May need to add air occasionally
  • No warranty
  • No pillow

Intex Downy Queen

Intex air beds are simple and effective. They make a great transition air mattress and their low height means they will easily fit into a tent. This Intex air bed comes in a queen size.

The Intex air bed has a maximum loft of 22cm which is just enough to keep you off of the ground and supported while you sleep. They feature a waterproof velour flocked top that is soft and prevents you and your bedding from unnecessarily sliding around when you change positions.

Intex air mattresses feature a double valve for inflation and require the use of an external pump which is not included. Regardless of what pump you choose to use with this air mattress, it should inflate quite quickly due to its lower left. While Intex may not be the best choice for everyone they are a great no-frills option that does a great job retaining air.

Intex air beds do not have a specific weight limit but should accommodate most sleepers without any issues. They also have a low height which may be difficult for people with limited mobility and do not come with a warranty.


  • Compact
  • Waterproof
  • Velour flocked top
  • Quick inflation
  • Holds air well


  • Low height
  • No pump included
  • No warranty

Sable SA-HF033

The Sable SA-HF033 air mattress is sleek and has a stylish sleigh design with a rounded foot and an elevated head with a built-in 5cm raised pillow section. The SA-HF033 is available in a double, twin, or single air bed size.

The Sable SA-HF033 features sleigh style design with a rounded foot end and a 43cm maximum height at the head of the bed, including the pillow, and 38cm for the main bed height. It incorporates advanced I-Beam air coils that naturally adjust to your body’s shape and provide accurate spinal support.

Sable makes this air mattress with a double layer of eco-friendly PVC material which helps increase the lifespan and durability. This air mattress features a built-in electric pump that takes 3-5 minutes to fully inflate or deflate depending on how firm you like your air mattress to be. They come with a one year warranty and the double air mattress has a 330kg weight limit which is the greatest capacity on our list.

The Sable SA-HF033 air bed may experience some minimal deflation overnight but still holds air well. The pump is fairly noisy for some and the edge support leaves something to be desired.


  • Eco-friendly PVC material
  • 300kg weight limit
  • I-Beam coils for added support
  • Double layered for increased durability
  • One year warranty included


  • Some deflation may occur overnight
  • Noisy pump
  • Minimal edge support

Audew Portable Airbed

The Audew makes our best inflatable mattress list as a great lightweight and portable option that includes a convenient drawstring carry bag. This air mattress comes in a single bed size and has a detached pillow.

The Audew double air bed measures 23cm tall and has a soft waterproof flocked top. The bed itself is constructed using eco-friendly PVC and features an internal coil beam system for contoured support. They can hold up to 195kg weight without issue.

Unlike the other air mattresses on our list, the Audew has an external air pump. The pump has three different sized valves and the option to power from mains or a car cigarette lighter. It takes approximately 3-5 minutes to fully inflate.

The Audew air mattress does not come with a warranty. The flocked top is a bit thinner than some of the other products on our list which could result in decreased durability. Also, the external pump makes topping the air mattress off with additional air a more involved process.


  • Environmentally-friendly PVC
  • Waterproof flocked top
  • Detached pillow
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Coil beam support system


  • Thinner flocking
  • Pump is external
  • No warranty

Deeplee Comfortable

Our final pick for the best inflatable mattress is brought to you by Deeplee. It is the only air mattress on our list that comes with a rechargeable air pump. It is available in a queen size.

The Deeplee air mattress stands 23cm tall and features an external air pump that is easily recharged by way of a USB port. It has a rapid inflation time of only three minutes and comes with a carry bag for easy portability. This inflatable mattress has added rubber to the bed material to make it more puncture resistant and durable. It also comes with a one year warranty.

The Deeplee inflatable air mattress has a waterproof underside and a soft flocked top. It features a dual-coil beam design that provides multiple angles of contouring and support while you sleep. The elevated 295kg weight limit makes it a great choice for couples or heavier individuals.

This inflatable bed may experience some minimal air loss overnight and requires a 24-hour airing out time period upon arrival. The initial set up process also recommends inflating and deflating the bed entirely, at least once but twice is better, before sleeping on it through the night.


  • USB rechargeable pump
  • Rapid inflation
  • Advanced support system
  • 295kg weight limit
  • Puncture resistant


  • Initial odour needs to air out
  • Lengthy initial set up
  • Some air loss overnight

Choosing the Best Blow Up Beds: Complete Buyer’s Guide

Now that you have read through our reviews for the best inflatable mattress in the UK, it’s time to explore why and how we chose the products on our list. The following buyer’s guide should resolve any unanswered questions and alert you to the traits we prioritised so you can decide how, and if, they will affect your own purchasing decision.

Will the Blow Up Bed Hold Air All Night?

This might go without saying, but the best inflatable mattress will be able to consistently hold air throughout the night regardless of whether it’s the best air mattress for guests at home or for camping, otherwise why not just use a sofa bed, right? Not all air mattresses are made alike though and this isn’t always a given, even if we think it should be.

All of the air mattresses on our list should hold air throughout the night. However, some initial tweaking may be necessary. This is because there is often an initial stretch on the vinyl material which is normal and should be expected with a new air bed. So don’t be surprised if you have to add some air the first couple of times you use a new air mattress.

Size and Weight Limit

The size and weight limit on a new air mattress are also important. If you are looking for a guest bed for use in your home you may want to choose a size that accommodates two people and has a greater weight capacity.


However, if you plan on sleeping on it alone you can estimate the size and weight limit based on your own personal size and requirements for a bed. The highest weight limit on our list is 330kg, which should accommodate even the largest and heaviest sleepers.


How you wish to inflate your air mattress can also affect your purchasing decision. Most of the air mattresses on our list come with a pump, whether external or internal, but not all do. If you already own a pump, like a foot pump, you may choose an option without a pump but we think the best air beds will come with one included because it eliminates the need to keep track of additional moving parts.

You should also consider whether you anticipate pumping up your air mattress at home with access to mains, or would be better served by a pump that can charge with a USB port, or attach to a car cigarette lighter which can be beneficial for camping.

All of the best inflatable mattresses on our list are compatible with UK power sources.


Proper spinal alignment is an important trait in any type of bed, air mattresses included. Improper spinal alignment while you sleep can lead to aches and pains in the morning and a decreased quality of sleep which is something we all want to avoid but can be particularly important for anyone with an injury.


A lot of support can be gained in an air mattress by simply inflating it to its maximum loft. However, an air mattress that includes air chambers, internal coils, or I-Beams further enhances the support and can be a better long-term solution for guests on an extended stay.

Flocked Top

Each of the best inflatable mattresses on our list features a flocked top. We think this is an important trait for an air bed because the material used to construct air mattresses is usually pretty slick which can lead to excessive bunching with bedding and can even make it difficult for a fitted sheet to stay in place. Flocking is also important if you plan on camping with your air mattress and using a sleeping bag on top because they are usually slick as well. A flocked top is also soft and increases breathability.


The materials used to make air mattresses are significantly more fragile than a traditional mattress so you want to make sure you choose an air mattress with elevated durability. Many of the best inflatable beds come with a warranty which speaks to the company’s confidence in their product. Another way to recognize increased durability in an air mattress is if they feature a double layer of PVC.

Get the Best Air Bed for You

You have reached the end of our best inflatable mattress in the UK list and by now you should have a fairly good understanding of what makes the best air beds so great. Now, all that is left is to make a decision based on your own personal needs and preferences but, before you do, let’s review our Editor’s choice.

The Active Era Premium air bed comes in a UK king size making it good for one or two people. It features 35 internal support coils to facilitate proper spinal alignment and holds up to 250kg of weight. We love the convenience of having an internal pump included with an additional manual valve too. What’s more, it is fully inflatable in three minutes so you don’t have to wait around to be able to get to bed. At 48cm tall and with an 8cm raised pillow, it considers your ergonomics as you sleep. Finally, featuring a waterproof flocked top, and a one year warranty, this inflatable mattress really does have it all.

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