How Have Football Boots Changed Over the Years?

“Good shoes take you good places.”

Football isn’t today what it was before. It isn’t just about skills today – it’s a lot about what you wear too. For one, the better the shoes, the better the play.

Starting from the first pair that was ever made in the history of football boots (1526, for King Henry VIII of England), till the present time, they mirror how the game changed from the late 19th century and into the 20th century.

From Nike to Adidas and from them to Puma, all commonly known companies went through some drastic changes in their style with different eras.

When did the hype for these boots grow? When did their actual progression begin? Were they always a subject that light was thrown on to, beginning from the very start? Maybe, some of the subsequent fact highlights might help answer these questions—

The Comeback From History – The Duration of Early 1800’s

Jumping 300 years further, football developed and gained fair popularity, but still remained as an amorphous and casual hobby that people held aside for leisure. People played football, but no particular force was given to the use of proper footwear, as the hype of the game wasn’t much during that time.

The people who played, wore their normal work boots, which often resulted in injuries while the players tackled each other, because of the use of steel caps in these boots. Over that, those boots weren’t designed for running and kicking. Today, no shoes consisting iron plates on its soles are allowed on the field.

The After-Static Era – Changes After WWII

After the ‘no change’ period that football boots went through during the early 1900 – 1940’s, football boot styles shifted significantly towards the beginning of late 1940’s. Their design turned lighter, and flexible, the focus shifting from creating boots as just protective footwear, to kicking and manipulating the ball. Puma, and Adidas rose significantly during this era.

The Introduction of Predators – King Of The Era

The weight in the design of the boots continued to reduce with the increase in buildup of football in the coming generations. Colors were introduced, companies came into competition, and more subjects related to the importance of football boots in the field began to rise. Late 1980’s, finally, Predators by Adidas came to life, proving to be a huge competition for all the other companies, and their designs. The Predators went on as the most dominant of all designs late till after the 1900’s era.

The Epoch of The Suds – Focus on the Bottoms

The late 1900’s grew into early 2000’s as the period when there came change in not just the color, size or the design, but the suds (the underside) of the shoes. Even though the Adidas Predators played as the rulers among this era, more shoes came into existence, through their quality of being flexible on the field. The designers, realizing that players needed more elasticity and movement during the play, focused on mostly making the soles more flexible.

Present Gen – The Existing Traits

Designers, at last, have focused on making the shoes as comfortable as they can, and giving the shoes the feel where they might just feel like a part of the players’ body. With better flight, resistance, and lightness, they have taken a completely different figure.

The present top five best football boots are ranked as under—

  1. Nike Tiempo Legend V
  2. Adidas Copa Mundial
  3. Under Armour Clutchfit Force
  4. Pantofola d’Oro Lazzarini – SG
  5. Puma King II

Who knows what the future might bring in the coming generations of the growing hype of football among people. Technology, mixed up with the best boot designers, might bring something incredible to subsistence. Till then, the era of early 2000’s is always going to be apparent as the present best.

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