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Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Top 3 Best Floor Lamps

  1. TECKIN Dimmable LED (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Daylight Company Unolamp (Best Minimalist Choice)
  3. Ikea NOT Uplighter (Best Value)

Illumination in our home or office is something that is often overlooked. We rely on our fixed ceiling lights for brightness and sometimes this isn’t enough. This is where you could benefit from the best floor lamp for an additional light source.

Floor lamps are free-standing products that you can position throughout your home or office to provide additional concentrated illumination. They complement your fixed lighting and can serve a number of purposes.

Firstly, floor lamps are brilliant for reading. If you want to curl up on your sofa and read during the evening, you can create an enticing atmosphere with a floor lamp. It can provide concentrated light, too, so you can read without straining your eyes, and without using your main fixed lighting.

Secondly, floor lamps also provide great ambient lighting. You could, for example, position floor lamps in the corners of your living room facing against the wall to provide a subtle glow, or to highlight certain decorative features.

In this guide, we look at 10 of the finest floor lamps for your benefit. We have included a range of designs and have both LED and halogen variations.

Best Floor Lamp Reviews – Top 10 Picks

TECKIN Dimmable LED (Editor’s Choice)

The TECKIN Dimmable LED is the best floor lamp featured and is a great product. If you want a tall, free-standing floor lamp for your living room or bedroom, this is a good choice. It has a minimalistic design that can blend with any decor, and it also has various colours and intensity controls.

This TECKIN reading standing lamp uses incredible energy-saving LED bulbs that could last for up to 20 years – effectively you should never need to replace them. This is also a great energy-saving option due to its 12-watt LED bulbs.

We also like that this light has five different temperature settings – 2700k warm, 3200k warm white, 4000k nature white, 5000 cool white, and 6500k white. This gives good variance and is great for spaces where you want to have different mood lighting available.

The base of this floor lamp is also quite stable which means it is great for families as children shouldn’t be able to knock it over. The lamp shell is sturdy, too, which is an added bonus if it does happen to fall over.

This TECKIN lamp is our best choice, but it is not perfect. Firstly, the light controls are positioned on the same side as the light. This means that they can be difficult to see due to the glare from the main light. Also, the off function of the touch controls requires a 5-second touch which some people may find this irritating.


  • 12-watt energy-saving LED bulbs
  • Each bulb should have a lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • 5 different colour modes and 4 light intensities
  • A flexible neck that can be freely adjusted
  • A stable base with anti-slip protection


  • The light controls can be difficult to see
  • The touch off option is a little irritating to use

Daylight Company Unolamp (Best Minimalist Choice)

The Daylight Company have produced a minimalistic floor lamp that can also be used on a side table or workbench. It has a slimline design and an incredible modernistic feel. Also, this is the best floor lamp for creating natural light due to the high-quality LED bulbs included, and the type of light they emit.

The Daylight Company has created the unique Unolamp that is not like any other product on this list. Its minimalistic design makes it look like something from the future! Also, this is one of the best lamps for daylight simulation. The bright LED bulbs produce a 6000k brightness which is the same amount as true daylight. This means the lamp should have an energy-improving effect, unlike some halogen bulbs.

Due to the use of LED bulbs, this floor lamp is also energy efficient and uses just 6W. It also has a touch switch dimmer with four different brightness levels. Additionally, it has a relatively long power cable at 1.8m and stands at 132cm tall.

The Unolamp is an interesting product but it does have a few issues. Firstly, some customers have reported their light has arrived faulty and damaged. Also, the LED bulb is not the easiest to find a replacement. It does have a long life, however.


  • Incredibly flexible arm with multiple available positions
  • A simple touch dimmer switch with four brightness levels
  • Long cable length for great flexibility
  • High-quality LEDs provide a bright and natural light
  • A simple and streamlined design


  • Some customers have reported faulty products
  • The LED bulb is relatively hard to replace

Ikea NOT Uplighter (Most Versatile)

The IKEA NOT Uplighter Floor Lamp is a solid dual-purpose light that can provide ambient illumination, as well as concentrated light for reading. It has two separate lights that can be independently controlled. The slimline and stylish design of this lamp means that it can sit perfectly in the corner of your living room or in a dedicated reading area.

Although the IKEA NOT Uplighter floor lamp has two lights, you do not have to use both at the same time. One is designed to light up a larger space whereas the other functions as a task light. There are two separate switches and you can control each light separately.

In terms of dimensions, this floor lamp has an overall height of 175cm including the base, and the base diameter is 27cm. It also has a 1m long cord which provides decent flexibility. The construction of this lamp is also good. It has a simple, sleek pole, and the light fixtures and base are not obtrusive. It can fit comfortably in any room corner without taking up too much space or being too distracting.

This IKEA product is a great option, but it does have a few issues. The base is relatively flimsy and not 100% stable. Once you have positioned the lamp, it is fine. But if you intend to move it regularly, you must take care. Also, this floor lamp requires two different bulbs for the uplighter and the reading lamp. This isn’t specified in the product description though.


  • Dual lighting option with two separate bulbs
  • Both the lights can be switched on and off independently
  • Provides a subtle light great for reading
  • Can take low-energy bulbs
  • Sleek structure that can fit any home decor


  • The base is not the most stable
  • Two different lightbulbs are required for operation

TaoTronics LED (Best for Reading)

The TaoTronics LED Floor Lamp uses impressive LED technology to bring multiple lighting options that are perfect for reading. This is one of the best floor lamps due to its adjustable neck, simple light controls, and the large, ambient glow it provides.

The TaoTronics floor lamp offers great control over the light settings. You can choose from four colour temperatures and four brightness levels. These two separate settings can also be mixed together.

The lighting area is also broad even though the fixture itself is relatively slimline. The LED bulbs project up to 1000 lux and 600 lumens but have a low power rating of just 10W. This also makes this product a great energy-saving option and shouldn’t be overlooked.

This lamp is also lightweight and weighs only 1.75kg. It is 170cm tall and has a base diameter of 21.01cm. This means it can comfortably fit anywhere and won’t take up much space in whatever room you use it in.

This TaoTronics product is a solid floor lamp but it does have one issue. It has an LED power status icon to show when the light is on. This isn’t exactly useful, but it also emits relatively bright light of its own. In some instances, this can be distracting from the main light source.


  • Slimline style that is not imposing
  • Long-lasting LED bulbs that consume little power
  • A flexible neck that can be adjusted freely
  • Large lighting area
  • Fully customisable light temperature and brightness


  • The bright LED power status icon can be distracting

TECKIN Uplighter LED Dimmable (Best Modern-Style)

If you want a floor lamp purely for ambient effect or lighting features in your living room, the TECKIN Uplighter Floor Light is a good choice. This streamlined light has a large LED uplighter that casts a warm and comfortable glow on its surroundings. It could be used to add mood lighting to a room without being too distracting.

The TECKIN Uplighter uses 88 LED beads that are evenly distributed to provide a soft and consistent glow. The light is not ultra-bright, but it has an excellent warm ambient illumination.

Also, the light has a touch step-less dimmer and memory mode. This means you have great control over the brightness of the light, and it can be changed to your exact requirements. The base is also weighted so it is stable on the ground and suitable for use in homes with children. Moreover, this product is FCC and ETL approved, and the TECKIN customer support team is available 24/7 if you have any concerns.

Although this is a great floor lamp, it does have a few flaws. Firstly, the brightness isn’t fantastic. It has good coverage and ambience, but it is better suited for decorative lighting and reading, as opposed to crafts or sewing that need a more focused light source. Also, the base is stable on the floor, however, the way the pole is attached means that it can wobble.


  • A stylish design with a narrow lamp pole
  • The LED bulbs create a warm ambient lighting
  • Adjustable brightness settings with excellent controls
  • A wide base that provides good stability
  • FCC and ETL approved for 100% safety


  • Doesn’t provide an ultra-bright light
  • The pole can wobble

Ikea Uplighter (Best Value)

IKEA has a great range of lights to choose from but the Floor Uplighter Light lamp is our best value option. This is a simple no-nonsense light with a slimline design that provides subtle lighting for your living room or bedroom. If you want an effective lamp for your home or office, this IKEA product is one of the best options available.

The IKEA Floor Uplighter lamp has a simple design and is relatively easy to assemble. The white lampshade has a smooth curvature and projects a decent spread of light on walls and furniture.

The lamp is also easy to operate and has a simple on/off switch that is located approximately halfway up the lamp pole. It also has a decent length electrical cable which gives you freedom when positioning the lamp.

It has an overall height of 176cm, but you can take out one of the pole sections to make it shorter. Also, it has a base diameter of 29cm which shouldn’t be easily toppled.

This may be one of the best lamps around, however the materials are not the strongest. Hence, you must exercise extreme care when handling the lamp as you could break some of the parts. Also, because of the inferior build quality, some customers have reported receiving broken parts.


  • Simple but effective construction
  • Wide lampshade to provide solid light dispersion
  • Slimline black lamp pole
  • Easy to function
  • Can take low-energy light bulbs


  • Some customers have received damaged goods
  • Less superior build quality

Andrew James Adjustable

If you want bright task lighting for sewing, modelling, painting, or writing, the Andrew James Adjustable floor lamp is a top option. It provides a bright concentrated light that fully illuminates the specific area you wish to work at. It is also relatively compact and can easily be positioned beside a desk or your workbench.

This Andrew James Adjustable floor lamp has a flexible neck that can be adjusted in virtually any direction. The neck material is robust, but still provides enough flexibility so you can quickly and effortlessly move it.

The bulbs used also have a high flicker rate which means that this reduces strain on your eyes for prolonged usage. Also, it can help reduce headaches you may associate with tasks that require continual concentration.

Additionally, the bulb simulates natural daylight which is healthier than traditional halogen and LED bulbs. It can also help reduce fatigue and those that suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder.

However, the Andrew James adjustable floor lamp is not the easiest product to assemble. The instructions provided can be a bit difficult to follow. Also, it’s not the best floor lamp in terms of the light range. Although it is incredibly bright, still, only in a limited area. This means it is not really suitable for general room lighting or ambience.


  • Gooseneck design for optimum positioning
  • Bright light perfect for crafts and writing
  • 2-year manufacturers warranty
  • Spare bulb included
  • The included bulb simulates natural daylight


  • The assembly is difficult
  • Only provides a bright concentrated light

Betta Lighting Mother and Child

The Mother and Child Task floor lamp is a stylish design that can fit comfortably in any home. It offers dual lighting and can be used for reading, as well as general lighting for your living room or bedroom. For added style, this great product is available in three different metallic finishes.

If you want a light that can fit with different decors, you can choose from three different colours – black chrome, chrome-plated, or satin brass. Each colour option looks fantastic and the metallic covering of this floor lamp is high-quality that will last.

The bulbs used are 230W R7s Tungsten and 33W G9 clear capsule. You must also remember that the bulbs are sold separately and do not come with the floor lamp. Hence, you should consider buying some before it is delivered to ensure you can enjoy your lamp as soon as it is assembled.

This product has an overall height of 180cm, and the base has a diameter of 26cm. Also, it is relatively lightweight and easy to move. To control each light, this product has a double rotary dimmer switch for easy operation.

This stylish lamp does have a couple of downsides. Firstly, the assembly is tricky and it can be time-consuming. There are instructions, but it still requires care and attention to assemble properly. Also, the available bulbs that are compatible with this bright floor lamp are limited.


  • Dual bulbs for reading and ambient light
  • Available in three stylish colours
  • Includes a dimmer switch to change the light brightness
  • Stylish design that can fit with any room theme
  • Both lights can be independently controlled


  • The assembly can be tricky and time-consuming
  • A limited array of available bulbs

MiniSun White Fabric and Wooden (Luxury Choice)

The MiniSun White Wooden and White Fabric floor lamp is a great luxury choice and combines lighting with additional storage functionality. If you want extra storage or a stylish display feature in your living room, this floor lamp will sit perfectly in the corner of your room.

The light fixture is covered by a square fabric lampshade and is enclosed within a wooden frame. This provides subtle lighting and a diffused effect that is not too overpowering. Beneath this, there are two shelves, and the base which also serves as a third shelf. Despite the complex construction, the assembly is relatively easy and the instructions are clear.

It is 160cm tall and has a square base that measures 26 x 26cm. The shelves are evenly distributed along the length of the lamp frame. We also like that this stylish floor lamp is available in three different styles – black wood, white wood, or oak wood.

This MiniSun product is an excellent option but it does have a couple of potential problems. The shelving units can be unstable and this may limit how much weight you can store on them. Also, some customers have reported receiving damaged goods with chips and scratches in the wood. Still, if you’re looking for the best floor lamps with added functionality, this is the one to go for.


  • Incredibly stylish design to fit any decor
  • 3 additional shelving units for extra storage
  • Available in black, white, or oak woods
  • Provides subtle lighting without being overpowering
  • Made from high-quality wood and fabric


  • The shelving units can be a little unstable
  • Some customers have received damaged goods

Kenley Natural Daylight (Best Adjustable)

If you intend to use your lamp in numerous positions for task lighting, for example, the Kenley Natural Daylight floor lamp is a superior choice. It has a large adjustable neck section that allows you to freely rotate and position the LED light head. For arts, crafts and sewing, this lamp is a great option.

The Kenley Natural Daylight floor lamp creates a light that is similar to natural daylight or noon sunshine. The 6400k colour temperature is brilliant for task lighting and it can help reduce fatigue or eye strain.

In terms of dimensions, the lamp has a long 175cm cable that can be tucked away to prevent trips. Also, the overall height is 160cm which means it can comfortably sit next to a workbench, office desk, or bed to provide a concentrated light source at the right height.

Despite the large size, this floor lamp is still relatively easy to move and is lightweight. The swivel neck is also fully adjustable and rotatable.

However, this may not be the best when it comes to aesthetics due to the style of the adjustable neck. It is exposed and essentially looks like an industrial tubing. Also, some customers have had issues when trying to fit the pole together, as well as the pole to the base.


  • Creates a colour temperature of 6400k which emulates real daylight
  • Highly functional with adjustable neck
  • Relatively lightweight and easy to move
  • Bright light with a large casting area
  • The natural light recreation helps boost natural energy


  • The adjustable neck is a little unsightly
  • Some customers have reported not being able to fit the pole together

How to Choose the Right Floor Lamp?

As you can see, there are many different floor lamp designs. Just like shopping for garden lights, it can be confusing choosing a suitable model. Style and aesthetics, of course, play an important role. Ideally, you want ambient lighting that fits with your home decor and doesn’t clash with your other accessories and furniture.

Aside from style, the following are six factors to consider when shopping for the best floor lamps for reading:

Overall Dimensions

Firstly, what is the overall size of the floor lamp? How tall is it? What diameter is its base? Floor lamps usually have a tall, thin design with a large circular base and large top light.

You should consider where you intend to use the lamp, and how much available space you have to fit it. We would advise measuring the intended spot beforehand, so you know exactly what maximum dimensions you are working with.

a young woman using a tablet

Outlet Socket and Cable

Next, consider the location of your electrical sockets. Where is the closest plug socket in relation to where you wish to position the lamp?

You could measure this distance, too, so that you can then check the length of the lamp cable and plug. By doing so, you can be sure that the plug will comfortably reach the socket and allow you to position the lamp as intended.

Bulb Type

Different floor lamps have different bulb types. Some, for example still have traditional halogen bulbs. These are less energy-efficient and can take time to reach maximum brightness. Others have LED bulbs that light up instantly and often use less energy.

You should be aware of the bulb type, so you know what model and type you need to purchase if you ever need a replacement.

Energy Usage

Following on from the above pointer, energy consumption should also be a consideration. Some reading lamps are designed specifically to be low consumption and save on energy bills. Usually, in the product description, you can find an energy rating chart or wattage rating so you can estimate how much power the lamp uses.

Light Colour and Strength

You should also consider the strength of the light, and the colouration it provides. This depends on the mood you wish to set, and what you intend to use the light for.

For example, if you want a floor lamp for arts and crafts, a bright white LED lamp could be a better option. Alternatively, if you simply want a lamp for reading, a softer and warm light could provide a comforting effect.

a living room with minimal lighting


Finally, you may consider if the lamp is adjustable. For example, some floor lamps have an adjustable head that you can twist and rotate in different positions. Others are static and have a solid frame that cannot be moved at all.

This is important if you intend to use the lamp in different positions throughout your home. It is also necessary if you need to adjust the light to work at different angles – when painting models, for example.


Any of these floor lamps are a great choice for your home. You can gain a great lighting solution that can be used for reading, writing, or just to provide ambience to your home.

Our overall top choice, however, is certainly the TECKIN Dimmable LED. This tall but simple product has an unobtrusive design and a strong LED light with a dimming function. It can serve a number of purposes and, with the included long-life energy-saving lightbulbs, you will be able to enjoy this lamp for a long time.

So, which is the best floor lamp for your home among our fantastic selections? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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