Does 3G Ruin Football Boots?

Let’s face it: there can be nothing better than having a grass pitch to play football.

However, with the changing times and the recent developments in infrastructure, there might be very soon a day when artificial turfs will be preferred over natural turns.

We cannot be brood over the gone by good days of football with nostalgia and will have to eventually move on and better our games whatever be the pitch conditions.

The practical fact is: Maintaining a natural turf is a difficult job – it is an arduous task that has a lot of financial implications.

The Top Benefits of a 3G Turf

Yes, maybe the top tier games will still be played in the natural turfs available around the globe. But then as amateur/semi-professional players, we might have to switch to the pitch that is available for us and hence will have to adapt to the same.

  • You don’t need to water a 3g or Astro turf. No lines need to be marked.
  • No possibility of having a frozen unplayable pitch.
  • Can be laid indoors for indoor practice or 5 a side football matches.
  • Low maintenance, mobile and cost friendly choice.

However, there is still some scepticism of football lovers/critics on the quality of these pitches. Their burning question of the moment is: Does 3G or artificial turf ruin football boots? So let’s try to answer the same.

The question arises because there was a time when 3g was banned in the football league because of injuries and the drop in quality of football. But the technology has since developed and has taken a new direction altogether.

Does 3G Ruin Football Boots?

The correlation between them is however skewed and cannot be proven. Most of the cases of boots going through wear and tear are attributed to the 3g turf. Much to the contrary, the makers of the boots are actually at fault.

3G turfs have been made to imitate the grass pitches, and due to lack of a common ground between the makers of boots and the pitches, there was a lot of unsolved issues. This in today’s date has been taken care of as makers of boots are paying attention to rectify such issues.

For instance, the makers have realized that normal football boots would fare better on these turfs than specialized boots with turf soleplates. These sole turf plates were highly responsible for a lot of accidents and injuries on these turfs before.

Today artificial turfs have come a long way technologically, and it would be wrong to say that these turfs are detrimental to your football boots.

How Can You Get the Best Out Of It?

What you can do to be sure of the same is use a cheaper boot on the 3g turf and check the results for yourself. 3G is the future of all turfs, and it is high time that we start adapting to the same.

If you are an aspiring footballer, you do not have to travel too far to find your natural turf.

The Astro turf might just be tucked somewhere in your neighbourhood – it’s time to start practising!

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