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Our Favourites

Editors Choice: Pestbye Ultrasonic
Luxury Choice: PestBye Motion Activated
Solar Choice: Zonpor Ultrasonic

Are you looking for the best cat repellent that money can buy? You’ve come to the right place. Cats are fluffy and adorable, but sometimes they’re also downright infuriating.

No matter whether you’re a cat person, utterly in love with the idea of fluffy little kittens, or you’re the kind of person that sees felines as nothing but pests; sometimes you don’t always want these critters in your garden. After all, as delightful as cats can be, they can also cause havoc to your vegetables, plants, and even your lawn.

Sometimes, cats even end up leaving a horrible mess in the yard where your children play. That’s why some people end up looking for a safe and easy way to keep animals like cats outside of their gardens. The most effective cat repellant is something that will prevent cats from messing up your garden, without causing them any harm.

Whether you choose a water cat scarer or an ultrasonic device, you need something that you can trust to deliver results every time. Fortunately, we’ve done the hard work of searching through cat repellant reviews for you, so you can get back to enjoying your garden.

Best Cat Repellent Reviews – Top 10 Picks

1. Pestbye Ultrasonic (Editor’s Choice)

pestbye-ultrasonic Just because you don’t want cat poo in your garden doesn’t mean that you want to do any harm to the felines responsible. Some jet spray water repellants, spikes, and other dangerous tools might be good at keeping cats out, but they’re not great for your peace of mind. Fortunately, the Pestbye Ultrasonic could offer an alternative solution, with a safe and humane way to keep cats out.

This sonic cat scarer is easy to set up with zinc-coated ground steaks that fit well into the ground or attach to your wall or fence. Additionally, the device is designed to be weatherproof so that you can keep it outdoors in all weathers. The Pestbye creates an ultrasonic wave of sound. This encourages cats to stay out of your garden and away from your plants. The main downside with this product is that it does require batteries, which can mean that you need to keep stocking up.

Additionally, according to some of the reviews that we read, this cat deterrent can be a bit difficult to use because getting the batteries into the device is a fiddly process.


  • Safe and humane cat repellant device
  • Works well at keeping all kinds of pests out of the garden
  • Sonic performance means that there’s no mess
  • Easy to use in your garden


  • Difficult to get the batteries into the device
  • A bit annoying to have to keep replacing the batteries

2. Zonpor Ultrasonic (Best Solar-Powered)

zonpor-ultrasonic If you’re looking for cat repellents that work, but you don’t want to spend a fortune on batteries, then the best solar cat repeller might be just what you need. This excellent solution from Zonpor comes with adjustable frequency and sensitivity to support different environments and various levels of protection.

With infrared PIR motion sensor detection, the tool will immediately start emitting a silent roar whenever animals come close. The Zonpor ultrasonic cat repeller is easy to set up too, stick it in the ground and point it towards the area that you most want to protect. Make sure that you keep your device in the sunlight so that it can power up or charge it via the USB power supply. The Zonpor is also waterproof to contend with the UK’s rainy days, but we don’t recommend soaking it with water.

Like some of the other cat repellent systems that we’ll list today, one downside of this device is that you can hear the ultrasonic sound at times. However, this could be a sign that the best cat repellent devices are just super strong. Another slight problem is that some people think the high settings are too high and could scare off birds.


  • One of the best solar cat deterrents with no batteries needed or water
  • Keeps cats off your lawn with a motion sensor
  • Long stake in keeping the cat repeller in the ground
  • Easy to use and set up


  • Quite loud and noticeable for some people
  • Might be too strong on the higher levels

3. Selections GFA805 (Best Weatherproof)

selections-gfa805 Ultimately, if you want the best cat scarer around, then you’re going to need something that can withstand any weather. In the UK, we’re not known for having the most reliable weather – even in the summer months, so a tool that can survive the rain is crucial. Fortunately, the Selections GFA805 has you covered in that regard.

This cat repellant system can be left out in any condition, and it still won’t lose any of its performance quality. Install the system using a spike in your lawn or hang it in place wherever you need it. Rechargeable batteries power the cat deterrent. There’s a solar panel to charge the unit during the day, but you also get a USB cable included for a quick top-up of power when you need it most. Though this tool is fantastic for keeping someone else’s pet out of your garden, and preventing the build-up of smelly pellets, it does have some downsides. For instance, the repellent system comes with instructions that seem to be written in poorly translated English, making them difficult to follow. Additionally, the solar panel won’t always give you all the power you need to get through a full night.


  • Weather-resistant cat repellant works well in any conditions
  • Rechargeable battery with solar panel
  • Passive Infrared sensor for activation
  • The ultrasonic sound scares away pests without damaging them


  • Instructions are difficult to follow
  • Solar charging isn’t always enough by itself

4. INTEY Ultrasonic 2 Pack (Best Dual Charging)

intey-ultrasonic-2-pack If you’re tired of felines messing up your garden, but you don’t want to cause any discomfort for the animals that wander your way, try this ultrasonic option. The INTEY ultrasonic cat repellent is an incredible deterrent with adjustable sensitivity for dogs, cats, mice, and other animals.

The INTEY ultrasonic 2-pack cat repellent comes with 5 effective modes to choose from. The buttons in the centre of the device adjust the frequency of the ultrasonic sound so you can successfully ward off various different kinds of animals.

INTEY has made its ultrasonic cat repellants waterproof, with an IP 44 rating, so they can withstand regular rainfall with no problem. The solid and durable materials also ensure that your investment lasts as long as possible. The INTEY comes with two charging methods to choose from, including USB, or solar power options.

Aside from getting rid of unwanted cats in your garden, this safe and cruelty-free approach to protecting your garden also works on other animals. You can set the frequency to get rid of foxes, racoons, dogs, skunks, cockroaches, and almost anything else you can think of.

Unfortunately, the instructions are quite difficult to follow. Additionally, charging the device can be complicated, as it’s difficult to know when it’s fully charged.


  • Excellent ultrasonic performance
  • 5 different frequencies to choose from
  • Solar power or USB charging option
  • 2-pack so you can place around a larger garden
  • Works on other animals as well


  • Instructions could be improved
  • May be difficult to know when it’s fully charged

5. Prabensei Ultrasonic (Best Double-Pack)

prabensei The Prabensei Ultrasonic cat repellent device is easy to use and comes in a pack of two which helps you deter animals from larger spaces. All you have to do is stick it in the ground, flip the power switch, and you’re ready to go.

The Prabensei cat repellant tool uses ultrasonic noises and flashing LED lights to deter unwanted wildlife in your garden or lawn. It is solar powered and reaches a full initial charge in just a couple of hours when exposed to full sunlight.

Each Prabensei cat repellant has an IPX4 waterproof rating and features PIR motion detection to sense possible garden intruders. The detection range has a 110-degree angle and reaches as far as 8 metres.

With the option to choose between three different frequencies, the Prabensei has the ability to deter a variety of animals who respond to different stimuli.
Even with the high waterproof rating, Prabensei recommends bringing their devices inside in the event of heavy rain in order to protect the interior and keep them running in top shape for as long as possible. Other cons for the Prabensei cat repellent include the devices not having the option to use batteries and it being difficult to determine when the battery runs dry.


  • Three frequency options
  • Comes as a pair
  • Large detection range
  • Solar-powered operation
  • Flashing LED lights


  • Can be difficult to know when they need charging
  • May not include an option for batteries
  • May not be recommended to leave out in the rain

6. Defenders Mega-Sonic (Best Value)

defenders-mega-sonic The best cat scarer available doesn’t necessarily need to be the most expensive option on the market. According to the cat repellant reviews that we read, the Defenders Mega Sonic cat deterrent machine is one of the best tools that money can buy – and it’s available for an affordable price.

Great for stopping the neighbour’s pet from soiling your yard, this mega-sonic device emits a burst of noise to prevent cats from coming into your garden through the day and night. You can position the tool easily on a fence or wall using the fixing system included, or you can embed it into the ground like a traditional stake. Additionally, one particularly interesting feature of this infrared cat scarer is the fact that it combines battery powered with solar energy. You use three batteries to keep the system running through the night, and the batteries recharge during the day. There’s even a motion sensor included for more efficient performance.

One major downside of this cat repellent, however, is the fact that it’s not waterproof. This is a huge problem in the UK. Many people can’t keep their garden devices out of the rain all of the time and would need to store them in the shed. Additionally, the batteries can die out quite quickly too.


  • Easy to use cat repellant with sonic and infrared performance
  • Motion detector for efficient performance
  • Powered by both batteries and solar energy
  • Can be positioned wherever you choose in your garden


  • Batteries run down surprisingly quickly
  • Not waterproof, which is a shame for UK gardens

7. Pestbye Twin Pack (Best Hyperresonance)

pestbye-twin-pack If you’re looking for something more high tech than lion dung or poisonous pellets to keep cats out of your flower beds, then the Pestbye twin pack could be the perfect solution.

This sonic cat repellent device is a must-have for any prized garden, with a hyper resonance frequency system. The hyper-resonance system has been proven by countless users to be one of the most effective systems for keeping cats and other animals out of any garden.

The system is easy to use, even for users who have never used repellent tools before. All you need to do is add the batteries and push the stakes into the ground to get started. The hyper resonance frequency system has an integrated PIR motion sensor to make sure that you’re not constantly using energy. The placement stakes also mean that you can position the twin pack of sensors wherever you like to detect a cat wherever it may roam.

Easy to use and waterproof, this is an excellent cat scarer. However, it does have some downsides. For instance, the batteries don’t last as long as they could, and the system seems to be set off by the wrong things from time to time, like a tree swaying in the wind.


  • Two sensors for better garden coverage
  • Best frequency system for getting rid of pests the humane way
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Great for placing anywhere in your lawn


  • Battery-powered, which means you may run out of energy fast
  • The repellant system is very sensitive to any motion

8. Vonivi 2020 Ultrasonic (Most Versatile)

vonivi 2020 The Vonivi 2020 Ultrasonic cat repellent makes an excellent choice for anyone seeking versatile power, deterrent, and charging options. It has a relatively new updated design and an extra-large detection range as well.

Each Vonivi 2020 Ultrasonic cat repellent device features powerful ultrasonic sounds and flashing LED lights that work to deter unwanted animals in your lawn and garden all day and night. It uses top of the line PIR motion sensing and has five different frequency options that cater to different types of animals.

When it comes to power and charging, the Vonivi cat repellent has versatile options so you don’t have to rely on one power source alone. It features a USB port for an easy mains connection but can also be powered by three AA batteries or the built-in solar panels.

Vonivi built their cat repellent tools with an extra-large detection range that can view a 110-degree angle at a distance up to 9 or 12 metres. The entire cat repellent stake is also waterproof and can withstand inclement weather.

Drawbacks to the Vonivi 2020 cat repellant are minimal. First, some consumers reported having difficulty locating the USB port initially. Don’t worry though, it’s just hidden in the bottom near the pipes. And second, it may not effectively deter foxes as Vonivi advertises it will.


  • Extra-large detection range
  • Versatile power and charging options
  • Powerful ultrasonic noise emitted
  • Five frequency settings


  • The USB port may be hard to locate at first
  • May not deter foxes

9. VOLADOR (Best with Strong Flash)

volador VOLADOR’s Ultrasonic cat repellent is easy to install using more than one method. It also has a bright flashlight for enhanced nighttime effectiveness making it a great choice for anyone who tends to get nocturnal animal visitors in their garden or lawn.

VOLADOR equipped their Ultrasonic cat repellent with both a USB and solar powered power option so no need to worry if you frequently experience periods of time without ample sunshine. Aside from the ultrasonic noise it produces, the VOLADOR also has a powerful flashlight that is much brighter than other popular cat repellant models. This makes it an excellent choice for nocturnal intruders.

The VOLADOR also has five frequency settings and an IPX4 waterproof rating. The 9 metre, 120-degree angle detection range allows you to cover a large area in your lawn using only one device.

The back of the VOLADOR features a wall hook cutout so you can hang it or stake it into the ground. VOLADOR also includes a 1-year guarantee with your purchase.

Unfortunately, the USB port on the Volador Ultrasonic cat repellent mechanism may be vulnerable to heavy prolonged rain or accumulating snow so you may want to bring it inside during inclement weather. Additionally, there are some consumer reports indicating that it may not be effective when it comes to deterring foxes.


  • Bright flashlight
  • Easy to hang or install
  • USB and solar powered
  • Five frequency settings
  • Wide angled detection range


  • The USB port may be vulnerable to heavy rain
  • May not deter foxes

10. PestBye Motion Activated (Luxury Choice)

pestbye-motion-activated Another excellent contender for the most effective cat repellent on the market, the Pest Bye motion-activated cat deterrent, is a safe and humane tool for getting rid of pests.

Provided in a pack of 3, the PestBye will keep animals off your lawn and reduce your risk of dealing with smelly pellets too. The system is great for users from all backgrounds because it’s easy to set up and start using. All you need to do is place the stake into the ground in your garden. Make sure your garden is clear of any obstructions by using a garden shredder. You can also attach it to a nearby fence.

Like some of the other cat repellent options available from PestBye, the major downside with this tool is that it’s powered entirely by batteries. You’ll need a total of four AA batteries, and it’s important to keep changing them out, so you don’t run out of power. Some customers say that the batteries last up to a few months, while others say they only last a matter of weeks.

Although the Pestbye is an effective way to scare unwanted cats off your lawn with a digital silent roar, it can also be expensive when you take the batteries into account. Additionally, reviewers said that it could take a while to find the setting that creates the most effective cat repellant.


  • Safe and humane way to repel various animals
  • Sonic performance is adjustable depending on your needs
  • Easy to set up in any garden
  • 3 devices included for good value


  • Takes a while to find the best ultrasonic cat deterrent
  • Regularly changing the batteries could add up an expense
  • The system might not withstand heavy frosts and water

What Is the Most Effective Cat Repellent?

cat-running-in-the-garden When they’re our beloved pets, cats are some of the most appealing animals around. They’re fluffy, loving, and each has its unique personality. However, when these creatures are causing issues in your garden, you won’t be happy until you get rid of them.

The most effective cat repellent will depend on what you need. If you’re looking for an indoor strategy to keep your cat off the sofa, then you’ll need something simple, like a basic smell that keeps your pet away. A lot of cats hate the smell of citrus, for instance. Some people even swear by using lion dung to ward off cats – though we wouldn’t recommend using that in your house.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something to protect your garden, you might need a simple ultrasonic device that emits a high frequency of noise whenever a cat comes by. These ultrasonic systems can be embedded into your garden using spikes or stakes, and they scare off creatures with loud noises.

How to Deter Cats from Gardens Naturally

If you want to keep cats out of your garden, you don’t necessarily want to harm them in the process. That means that it’s important to stay away from any chemicals or poisons that might harm wildlife. There are a number of ways that you can naturally deter animals from coming into your garden, however, including using water spraying systems. Unfortunately, water spray systems can be a bit more complicated to set up. If you don’t already have a sprinkler system in your garden, then you’ll need to find a way to keep the water kit stocked throughout the day.

Because of this, it’s usually much easier to use an ultrasonic sound instead. Ultrasonic systems use a loud, high-pitched noise to scare off animals without disrupting your home.

Choosing Your Cat Repellent

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to choosing the perfect cat deterring system. The best cat repellent for you will depend on your individual needs. We love the PestBye system because it’s so easy to use and convenient. It’s great for keeping animals of all sizes off your lawn – but it does require the occasional battery change.

Good luck with protecting your garden!

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