Can Running Shoes Cause Knee Pain?


Health-conscious individuals may have raised the following concern: can running shoes cause knee pain? There’s no doubt about the fact that a lot of runners do suffer from knee pain, and many of them are trying to pinpoint the source. It should be noted that running itself is a high-impact exercise in which a lot of force is directed throughout the body, particularly with regards to the knees. The knees tend to absorb most of the force generated through the act of running. However, wearing the wrong running shoes absolutely can cause knee pain or worsen existing knee pain.

Knee Pain and the Heels of Shoes

Shoes of all kinds can cause joint pain, particularly knee pain. The shoes that people wear have an effect on the way their weight is distributed as they move. High heels, for instance, literally change the alignment of the entire body. People who wear high heels are depending upon the balls of their feet to support them, and it’s much harder for people to maintain balance. The cartilage under the kneecaps has to absorb significantly more pressure as a result, which can cause a great deal of wear and tear.

Few running shoes are as bad as high heels, which slowly but surely damage the feet and knees. However, many of them can still cause problems. Oddly enough, shoes that are too flat can also be bad on the knees, and this is going to be a more common problem with running shoes.

Some running shoes don’t have enough of a heel. As such, the feet are not going to be cushioned enough during the run. A slight heel is capable of absorbing enough shock to make the run better for a person’s knees. Heels of running shoes need to be at least half an inch high. Three quarters of an inch should be the maximum height for shoes for the sake of knee health.

Choosing the Best Running Shoes

As a minimum, good running shoes need to have enough arch and ankle support and enough heel cushioning. The heel cushioning is on hand in order to absorb shock during a run. The feet and ankles sustain a lot of that shock during a run, and they need to have enough support from the shoes. Ideally, people should buy running shoes that are half a size larger than their normal shoe sizes, since the feet move around a lot during a run and there needs to be some flexibility involved.

Overall, people should remember that one’s style of running contributes to knee pain as well. Running is the sort of exercise that is going to have more of an impact on the joints, and knee pain is a potential risk. Still, wearing the right running shoes can at least make the situation much better for the people who run on a regular basis. Getting better running shoes is a comparatively easy solution for the people who have problems with knee pain. Good running shoes can only help.

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