Can You Cut Yourself With A Beard Trimmer?

If you’re considering making the move from a traditional razor to a beard trimmer, there is one question that always pops up. That question is can you cut yourself with a beard trimmer? Perhaps you have made the switch and have been using a beard trimmer with extreme caution in fear of damaging your skin or making the wrong move and cutting yourself. However, beard trimmers are specially designed to avoid direct contact with your skin, making the chances of cutting yourself almost impossible. In addition to offering excellent protection against cuts and gashes, beard trimmers can offer great flexibility in designing your beard the way you want.

Beard Trimmer Pros

1. No chance of the blades cutting into your skin and causing injury

Beard trimmer manufacturers have specifically designed their products to offer protection during shaving. The best beard trimmers are equipped with a lubricating strip to moisten your skin or beard during the shaving process, resulting in a cleaner, smoother, and safer shave. Another important component on beard trimmers which protects from any chance of injury is the casing. Beard trimmers feature a design which ensures the rotating blades never actually come into contact with your skin. This protective casing is essential to both protection and quality in performance.

2. Flexibility and smoothness when shaving

Another major advantage of beard trimmers is the flexibility they offer when shaping your beard or mustache. Many trimmers have various settings, providing different options for length when shaving. These settings either heighten or lower the protective casing further or closer to the razor, allowing for various lengths when trimming. Once again, the setting you choose does not increase or decrease the chances of you cutting yourself and even on the lowest setting, your skin is protected by the outer casing.

3. Trimmers can be used anywhere on the body

Another fantastic pro for beard trimmers is the ability to use them anywhere on your body. While most men purchase a beard trimmer for use on their neck and face, it is also possible to use the beard trimmer for tidying unkempt hair on your chest, underarms, legs, and other places. Due to the safety first design on beard trimmers, you will not have to worry about cutting yourself if using a beard trimmer to any location on your body. As the blades never contact your skin, it is completely safe to use, wherever you may need it.

Beard Trimmer Cons

1. It takes longer than a traditional razor

Due to the precise nature of a beard trimmer, it can take slightly longer to use than a traditional razor. This is a small drawback, however, and taking the extra time to shape your beard or stubble can produce excellent results. You are also less likely to suffer cuts or irritation from a beard trimmer than from a traditional shave.

2. Your beard must be a certain length to properly shape

If you want to get the most from your beard trimmer, it is advisable to allow your stubble to grow out for a few days first. This will provide you with a better “canvas” to work on and produce better results. Do not use a beard trimmer flush against your skin to shave as this will lead to irritation and is uncomfortable.

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