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Industrial Stools

Sometimes it’s the most unexpected pieces of furniture that manage to set the tone of the entire room. If you’re looking to pick up accessory seating furniture, industrial stools and chairs can do an amazing functional and stylistic job.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a stool to put your feet up, or a pub-height kitchen table stool, we’ve got what you need; and the styles that you want too.

Industrial Chairs and Stools from House Junkie:

You can’t just put any stool in a room and get away with it. The typical wooden stool you would pick up at a department store just doesn’t fit the interior design and quality philosophy of the more discerning customer. You need something that will stand out, and that’s just what our stunning industrial stool designs do. Why settle for a low quality, mass produced stool? Why not go for an industrial strength stool, built to last; attractive, functional and unique.

We don’t stock just basic four-legged stools here. In fact, the only thing we have in common with those department stores is that our stools also have four legs. We offer you something a bit different.
Not a believer? Have you seen our oil drum stools? What about our diverse range of vintage industrial, and adjustable stools?

Vintage Industrial Stools:

We believe we are making a difference by providing home furniture and accessories that offer you more; more style; more durability; more quality and more wow factor. Take a look through our range of vintage industrial stools and you will see what we mean. From our oil drum stool, to ceramic owl shaped stool, to short and tall wire stools, you can really make a statement with our stools.