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Mirror mirror on the wall…Hey good looking…
Did you know that when King Louis XIV of France built the Palace of Versailles, he dedicated an entire hallway to just mirrors? If his mirrors were as great looking as ours who can blame him? Now we’re not suggesting that you do the same but we are saying that a quality mirror (one that does not make you look yellow, pasty or disproportionate) is an important adornment in any home.
Aside from being a great accessory and being extremely useful (who doesn’t look in the mirror at least twice a day?), mirrors can also be used as a sneaky trick to brighten up your space and make any area in your home instantly appear more open and spacious.
Add a tinge of glamour and royal elegance in your home by gracing your walls with one of our truly spectacular vintage style mirrors. Adorn your wall with our fabulous Golden Sunflower Mirror à la King Louis, add a simple rounded mirror above a mantle, or along the stairs, to give your home a classy, elegant touch. If burnt rust and steel is more your thing, then check out our super cool Iron Tank Mirror.
Whatever your tastes or preferences, whether it’s royal grandeur or modern chic, at House Junkie we have it all; a wide range of styles, shape and great quality mirrors for every personality. Scroll through our mirrors and see what captures your interest.
A word of caution: you will fall in love with them!