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Vintage Kitchen Accessories

The kitchen is one of the most used areas in your home. You slave away for hours in it creating the perfect culinary masterpiece, you eat in it, relax in it and prepare meals in it, so it naturally deserves the best of everything. And it is definitely worth investing the time and effort to decorate your kitchen in such a way that it both reflects your personality and is functional. At House Junkie, we provide just that, beautiful and practical vintage kitchen accessories to give your kitchen a certain je ne sais quoi.
Line up your counter with our beautiful glass storage jars with sugar and coffee, or colourful spices to add a splash of colour in your kitchen. Drink your tea or morning coffee in one of our fun wobbly star mugs, or serve tea to your guests in style in one of our beautiful Scandinavian hand printed teapot and cup sets.
Why not add a touch of nostalgia at your next dinner party by laying out some of our lovely vintage accessories? They are sure to be admired and become great conversation starters.
We carry a wide range of fabulous items such as:
  • Tea Towels;
  • Soap Dispenser;
  • Glasses;
  • Oil & Vinegar Dispensers;
  • Glass Jars;
  • Mugs, Cups and Teapots.

To explore the full collection scroll down and check out our products. We are certain that you will find something to catch your eye. At House Junkie, we just can’t get enough of our super fun and unique collection of kitchen accessories. If you love your kitchen as much as we do, then you are sure to fall in love with these neat, practical and cool kitchen accessories as well.