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'Kintsugi' Kit

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Golden  joinery, or 'kintsugi' is the ancient Japanese art of fixing broken pottery with a golden laquer resin to make broken beautiful again, in fact, we think even more beautiful. We loved the look so much, that smashing the spode collection did cross our minds, but sense prevailed and instead, we took ourselves off the nearest antique shop to ask for any chipped or damaged china they had hanging around. They thought we were mad but we now have the beginnings of a mismatched, beautiful, vintage tea set with which to wow our friends when handing them their macaroons.

I think most of us have had the experience of breaking our favourite pottery, and glueing it just doesn't cut the mustard. We have to admit, we only broke the first few plates before we realised that we could get the same effect by just going over the top of the surface! Looks just as effective even though we did cheat a little!

The fixed pottery is still usable after repair, but is best washed by hand so as not to fade the gold lustre, and we also advise not to use knives on the gold as the cutting action marks it slightly. So if you wanted to eat from a dinner plate, then an idea is to just chip an edge piece so it goes with the rest of your set but is OK to use with your favourite cutlery. 

The kits come in gold or silver. Please choose from the dropdown box when adding to your cart. 

Kintsugi Kit

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Kintsugi' Kit - House Junkie
Kintsugi' Kit - House Junkie Kintsugi' Kit - House Junkie Kintsugi' Kit - House Junkie Kintsugi' Kit - House Junkie