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Whether you are living in a tiny studio flat, or in a huge house with more space than you know what to do with, finding innovative storage solutions is always a great idea and wall hooks are almost a mandatory requirement for any living space.
We are forever hanging stuff up; we need to hang up our coats, our scarves, our umbrellas, handbags, towels, shoes and countless other things. And hooks are a great way of staying organized, whilst also giving your home a tidier look whether it is in the kitchen, the porch, the bathroom or the bedroom.
This is why at House Junkie, we are excited to introduce our line of unique wall hooks. Our hooks are crafted with a lot of care and come in various materials, such as:
  • Glazed ceramic;
  • Metal;
  • Wood.
We offer numerous fun styles, such as the old-fashioned locker room look with rust coloured hooks, or a set of fun hooks in the shape of an animal head. Or if you are looking for the most space conversing idea, check out our metal rail with its wire basket, convenient for leaving your mail and other odds and ends.
Whatever your need or style, we can help you find exactly what you’re looking for at House Junkie. Check out our great selection of super fun vintage wall and door hooks. Our ever-growing selection of vintage hooks are not only one of a kind, they are also funky and functional.
You are sure to be complimented on these hooks. Don’t be surprised when your friends ask you where you got them from!