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Vintage Style Cushions

The best way of making your home truly homely is by adding the extra little touches (anything your heart desires!), like an area rug, colourful lamps, your favourite books, or vintage cushions. At House Junkie we carry a wonderful selection of beautiful accessories with which to adorn your home.
We are particularly in love with our selection of vintage style cushions. Are you tired of looking at the same furniture every day? So brighten up your furniture with some of our extremely funky, not to mention comfortable cushions.
Changing the look and atmosphere of your place can be as simple as changing the cushions and rearranging your accessories! Usher in spring with some of our beautiful feather patterned cushions, or add a personal touch in your guest bedroom with our fun cushions emblazoned with humorous phrases. Throw in a few cushions from our Woodland Creatures or Photographic Print collections to add a touch of modern chic to your living area or bedroom.
Some fun facts about our cushions:
  • Our cushions are made with a wide variety of materials, everything from cotton, silk, linen to canvas;
  • They are filled with 100% plump duck feather;
  • Our cushions are often handmade;
  • They are environmentally friendly, as some of the styles are made out of recycled products.
Whether the look you’re going for is old school, vintage inspired, chic and modern, or simply laid back and fun, we have them all. House Junkie offers you a wide range of comfortable, affordable cushions in a variety of patterns, sizes, materials and fillings; a range which is guaranteed to cater to everyone’s individual needs and tastes.
When you browse through our selection you are sure to find something unique and one of a kind that you will not only love, but which will adorn your house for many years to come.