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Industrial Coffee Tables

A living room can be totally transformed by an industrial coffee table. These bad boys give off a beastly appeal and have a sturdy industrial build. They don’t just look like they could last forever – they will.
That’s not even the best part!

Our industrial coffee tables are all unique in design. While they go best when blended with other industrial furniture, they can also serve as standalone pieces to set the room off. They have character and class that resonates around the room.

Industrial Coffee Tables from House Junkie:

We stop at nothing to make sure our furniture is not just high in quality, but highly innovative as well. We strive to do something that no one else has ever thought of doing. This approach is exactly what fueled us to create the Warehouse Cart Coffee Table. This stunning piece was showcased on Sky Living’s “Styled to Rock” TV series.

We don’t just offer industrial coffee tables either. We have other industrial tables available, such as console tables, dining tables, and crank tables. It’s a good thing every industrial coffee table that we offer is designed to make you to fall in love, because we build them to last for a lifetime.

Vintage Industrial Coffee Tables from House Junkie:

We don’t just build industrial coffee tables for their industrial style. A lot of the time, our pieces also feature vintage traits. For example, our Scaffold Pole Coffee Table was built with an aged paint technique and features worn metal casters that just scream vintage. That’s just one example. When you view all our different pieces, you will see just how much we are inspired by vintage styles.