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Brooklyn Tins Wallpaper - 03 by MERCI NLXL

Product Code [PADTIN-03]
House Junkie is so happy to be stocking the Brookyln Tins collection. You have to see it to believe it. You almost have to touch it to make sure that it is paper and not the real deal. The detailing is incredible. This range of Tin Tile paper is suitable for hotels, bars and homes alike. 

A bit about:

In the 1800's tin ceilings were introduced to North America as an affordable alternative to the exquisite plaster work found in European homes. Today the irregularity and aged patina of flaking paint give much appeal to this American architectural icon. 

NLXL founder, Rick Vintage, has a background in interior design. In 2005 he imported pressed tin ceiling tiles for a restaurant project in the Netherlands "Ever since we installed these tins I knew we had to do something with this beautiful product. At one of the famous parties during Paris DesignWeek in January 2012 Daniel Rozenstroch, art derector of MERCI asked us if we were interested to make a wallpaper collection based on vintage tins. Brooklyn Tins was born. I think the collection shows the pleasure we have had in working together on this project"

The wallpaper has no repeat and therefore you can use the complete roll with out any waste. The NLXL range of wallpapers have become world famous for their unqiue and lifelike representation

Price is per roll

Specifications: Width 48.7 cms Length 10 metres (1000cms) Washable with soft cloth

Price: £219.00
Item is inclusive of VAT
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Brooklyn Tins Wallpaper - 03 by MERCI NLXL - House Junkie