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Vintage Armchairs

Chairs have a have a place in every home, and play a key role in the interior design of any room. At House Junkie, we offer vintage armchairs that are not only comfortable, but also able to catch the eye and even spark conversation.

We have something for you no matter what you need. We have armchairs that look like they were pulled out of a ‘70s mansion. We have some with uniquely and skillfully crafted patchwork. We even have vintage armchairs styled with seat and back cushions that are inspired by the era of Louis XV!

Vintage Armchairs from House Junkie:

At House Junkie, we focus on delivering armchairs that are both stylish and comfortable. You want to have furniture that gets your guests talking, but you don’t want that at the sacrifice of your ability to relax at the end of a long day. We give you it all!

Our armchairs feature comfortable fabrics with a sturdy industrial build, and every piece is truly one of a kind.
As you browse through our selection of vintage armchairs you will quickly see the diversity on offer. We don’t categorise and label our furniture as this or that. Every piece is unique, with a different framework, cushions, patterns, colours, and styles. Some of our most stand-out pieces feature hand-upholstered patchwork; they really catch people’s attention.

Vintage Leather Built to Last:

One day your vintage furniture will be considered antique, but that’s only if it stands the test of time. Our armchairs have been built to last. This is especially true for our vintage leather armchair pieces. They come with superbly strong frames, and high quality leather.

We specialise in durable leather furniture with a vintage feel. We are confident that we put these pieces together perfectly. If you want to buy a vintage armchair that’s built to last, and impress for many years to come, then you have come to the right place. Browse, choose and buy with confidence!